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I Hate My Life!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eagleshot, May 6, 2011.

  1. I started smoking pot to ease myself from my alcohol problem. I had a severe problem for over 7 years. Nightly drinking myself shit-faced! Well, that shit caught up to me big time. I tried several times to quit, but the urges kept me from doing so. Then I talked to a buddy that said he smokes pot, and doesn't drink. He told me that pot would reduce the urge to drink! Boy was he right! I had smoked a ton in High School & College, but that was the last time I picked it up. I'm proud to say it's been 28 days since my last drink!

    So where is the story here? Well, 29 days ago I was diagnosed with alcohol fatty liver. I was having terrible pains in the upper right side of my chest, it was a stabbing pain they was off and on. I then decided to get it checked out. Before I even had the chance to tell my doctor I drank a lot, he told me "Stop Drinking Now" I said how did you know? He showed me the results of an ultrasound test that I had done. It concluded that my liver was enlarged, giving me these awful pains. I stopped drinking for a few days, and gone where my pains!

    So 7 days later, suffering from withdrawal. I decided to hit the pipe again. Man, I couldn't believe how good I felt. Took all my urges away, finally giving me the opportunity to get a good night sleep. I was finally happy!

    I have smoked a little over a quarter in the past 20 days. Last night after smoking, my liver pains came with a vengeance! Hit me hard when lying down. I was like "Fuck Me!"

    So did some research online, their are now plenty of articles reporting that POT is real bad for people with liver symptoms. However, I also found that doctors can prescribe marijuana to HEP-C patience? How can that be? Hep-C is a debilitating liver disease?

    In any event, my life sucks! No enjoying alcohol, no POT! What the fuck can I do? I need something to ease my urges! I'm really going to miss smoking this shit!
  2. talking out my ass here but maybe its just the smoke causing the irritation? Maybe try some edibles
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    Your liver is your body's toxic waste filter. It's not likely that after 7 years of hard drinking and alcohol being in your body 24/7 that your body will be rid of it in 30 days. You will continue to have symptoms for some time, I'm sure. However, I'm not a doctor.

    I'm sure people have been on the same page as you and not died.
  4. Those studies are not true and they are just trying to spread hate for cannabis. Don't eat edibles, that goes through your liver. Try using a vaporizer, just save up 100 dollars and lay off weed till you got the cash. Get a magic flight launch box. when you SMOKE weed you swallow a great deal of tar and plant matter. When you VAPORIZE you get none of that nasty shit, just THC/other cannabiniods vapor.

  5. All weed goes through your liver, that's how the THC is processed into metabolites that leave your body through defecating and urinating
  6. Id say youre good bro, my dad had the same thing you have right now, only it was his liver and his gul bladder. He smoked through it all, and he's still smokin'.

  7. Really? Did he have fatty liver? How often does he smoke?
  8. Yikes! More proof!

    "The Liver Suffers
    Marijuana Maintenance may seem like a feasible choice for individuals who meet the following conditions:

    · Alcoholics who live where medical marijuana is legal.

    · Those who must quit drinking for their liver’s sake

    · People who have previously failed alcohol treatment programs.

    Unfortunately, the pioneers of using cannabis to ease off alcohol were not aware of the recent research demonstrating marijuana’s harmful impact on the liver. As published in a January 2008 edition of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, San Francisco researchers found that daily cannabis use is strongly associated with moderate to severe liver fibrosis. Fibrosis is scarring of the liver, and is the most prevalent indicator of worsening liver disease.

    In light of the damage regular cannabis use can inflict on the liver, Marijuana Maintenance does not appear to be a good choice for those with chronic liver disease. While deciding between the lesser of two evils may point to alcohol as capable of causing more damage more quickly to liver cells than marijuana, neither substance is liver friendly. Making decisions about how to best manage chronic liver disease can be difficult and requires weighing many factors. Even though a handful of doctors may suggest marijuana to help kick a liver-harming drinking habit, keep searching for a better alternative that will help you achieve abstinence without causing additional injury to your liver."

    courtesy of: Medical Marijuana, Alcoholism and Your Liver | Liver Support Health News

  9. This is ALL BULLSHIT, its unfortunate that you damaged your liver badly but marijuana is not worse for your liver as high fat foods and sugars.Just go on walks and fap a lot you'll get through it. I know because i got a bad stomach ulcer and i couldn't smoke or drink

  10. If I understand this study correctly, it is saying that marijuana use alone causes severe liver issues. This not only goes against every other study that has been done in this area, but also is unsubstantiated. If it causes severe liver damage, how come there are no recorded deaths? 2 and 2 don't add up. I can believe that it would be hard for the liver of a recovering alcoholic/someone who already has liver disease to process, but the herb can't fuck your shit up. It was alcohol that did that to you.

  11. LOL'D
  12. I weigh 192 lbs and I'm 6'2"

    I work out like crazy, that didn't come from eating!
  13. Wow thats INCREDIBLE!! in that its completely not true
  14. Try smoking for several more days, if anything really serious happens then tell your doctor. If the pain persists then try out some painkillers. Remember that surviving is way more important than drinking alcohol or serving time in jail if your doctor finds out. Health comes first. Good luck. If you can ever drink again then remember to take it easy.
  15. Ask a doctor. Of course everyones gonna say its fine, but don't take any chances when it comes to a health risk like this.
  16. You should ask your doctor, and tell him that it is seriously helping you quit alcohol. He won't spew some anti-cannabis propaganda at you, especially if he knows that it's helping you with your problem. Addiction is rough man, you're in my prayers
  17. use diffent drugs?

  18. Please don't. Especially with a history of addiction, don't go to something else that's bad for you or easy to OD on

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