I hate my job!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. I don't want to sound like im whining, but i really cant stand it! im a cashier at cub foods, and frankly, i just cant take it anymore. its one of the most humiliating jobs, just standing there ringing groceries and taking old peoples bullshit. i gotta leave in like 10 minutes to go to work, and i really dont wanna go. i have no weed to make it better, and every day im trying to find some way out of it. what should i do? i need the money so i can pay insurance for my car, my cell phone bill, and my cable bill. i need to get out of this dead end job.. theres no advancement possibilities for me here. i want to do something with computers but my knowledge of them is much less than i would like it to be. i dont know how much longer of this job i can take before i explode on someone and get fired.

    i would much rather be out, exploring caves and exterminating evil.............
  2. Be glad you even have a job.
  3. until you start looking for a career most jobs you have will primarily be dealing with someone's bullshit. Even when you have a career you have to deal with your boss's bullshit. Life is full of just dealing with shit. Go look for another job somewhere else if you want but I gaurantee that most jobs you find won't be a whole lot better. If you want to do something with computers you need to study. Work on getting A+ or MCSE certification, Read shit online. Go to school. Just learn. Work on getting a marketable skill that people NEED. Once you have something people want and need you can do what you want and not have to deal with so much bullshit. But until then you just have to deal with your job whether you continue to work at cub foods or find some other place to work.
  4. Just find yourself a better job, workin wih the pulic sucks, i did that fot about a year and more than a few times i flew over my counter in a sincere attempt to choke the fuck out of some idiot, but stupid people are fast when they're scared and by the time i got to where they were they ran off, and it'll piss me off even more if i had to run them down to beat their dumb asses so i'd just bury my anger and go back to dealing with idiots.

    Get a job dishwashing or something, it's fun, and every dishwasher i ever met was a mad stoner and all mellow n shizz. Hell, we usedta toke up under the exhaust fans at work, and kick ass washin dishes all stoned , bumpin cypress hill or sublime, and havin hella fun!

    I got a job right now that i love as a technician in the aerospace industry, but i'm trying to find a job washing dishes again just so i can have a job that i can show up for stoned and have all kinds of fun, that and you'll never be out of munchies,, ever!!!!!

  5. yeah... toosicks has it down. loads of my pals have chosen this option.... kitchen porters and dishwashers.

    I would never survived even a week at a job like this cos i got all sorts of skin conditions and also i wouldnt handle being bottom of the chain of authority in a kitchen... so i'm in the process of finding another way out...

    self employment.
    hard work, but infinately more worth it if u can pull it off.
  6. I hate my job too...they hate me b/c I don't speak Italian...it seriously blows.
  7. next time they do something that suggests they dont like u cos of some facist reason like that... call em all a bunch of little musolinis! hehe

    might get u fired but at least you'll have gone out with a bang and put alot of them in their place.

    italians dont like hearing about facism and musolini. just like germans generally dont like talking about fascism hitler and the war.
  8. i'm german and i love talking about nazis.
  9. OOOO that is a dream job right there told. even if it was run by some old guy that hates the world it would be great.

    and dishwashing isn't always that great, i had a job at this piece of shit resturant in my town called the brig and the boss was a 7 foot tall walking talking (mostly bitching) dildo. I fucking hated that man with all my heart. I still do, i would love to get that place shut down. We couldn't listen to music because he would fucking spike the radio on the ground (he did it once) and talk bout nasty that place was gross, fuckin this old guy ate their everyday, EVERYDAY, for 10 years and John (dildo) would be a big asshole to him and leave his food out overnight and once the old guy got food poisning and so me and my buddy that work there called the meat and food place and they thought it was a joke and hung up on us. yea
  10. man paintball is the shit. i would love to like test the guns out and shit... yea

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