I hate my generation for playing into shitty music

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  1. I was born and raised in Detroit, does that have anything to do with my life and music choice? Fuck yes. I listen to Eminem 24.7, hell I even try and quote his lyrics in schools essays. I listen to his music not because it's the best shit I have ever heard but, like others I can relate to his words without going through what he went through. I'm not sure how my life can relate to being black and yellow, or maybe how I can't drive the Lambo I don't have, or how my swag is so great, I need wongton soup, or why I'm not a fucking walking paradox, and everyone else is. Is not like I care what other people listen to, but I do get heavily offended when sometime tries to diss Eminem with obscene reason of him not being a rapper or sucking. If you ask me why he sounds different from infinite all the way up to Recovery i'll tell you straight up he's not the same person, he's gone through hard shit in his life like anyone else, he's human you can't pretend like you never had a drug addiction, or your wife was a bitch, or that your best friend never died. He doesn't pretend like his life is perfect, because no one's life is. But seriously all this swag shit, even if it is just a fad, and this Taylor Gang, shit, how fake are they. Lord that fuckers name slipped my mind, but how many people do you know get full body tattoo's, after being completely clean just for his album, and all of a sudden creating a new fad for smoking weed, what about Snoop Dogg, Tech9, Cypress Hil, even N.W.A, and those are just mainstream artist. Or these Golf Wang kids, who believe they're doing something different by talking about killing, rapping, and mutilation. What the fuck, have you never heard of D12? So yeah maybe a catchy hook, and a nice bass is something to jam too, but don't think that music will suffice for much longer. I guess I'm just ranting, but next time you listen to Eminem don't judge him because his voice changed, judge him because his lyrics aren't up to par, which to me should never be an option. I'm not high, just tired, go ahead and start clowning me but at least try listening to Eminem, his only albums are not Recovery, and Relapse, listen to Infinite, or Slim Shady Ep, or actually listen to how clever his lyrics are in Relapse and Recovery.
  2. Eh, you have a few solid points. Infinite and Slim Shady LP > Everything else he ever released.

    But nowadays, Eminem and those artists you listed are one in the same.
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    tl;dr - Eminem is the greatest and all other rappers are shitty.

    (wasn't agreeing with you btw)
  4. learn an instrument; start a revolution
  5. I hate my generation for more than just liking shitty music but let's not get off topic.:)
  6. The problem is people sucking one artists dick and thinking everything else in the world is shit. Respect music. Their drive behind their music might not be the same as yours so don't talk shit on other artists.

  7. ...but bruno mars is just an older justin bieber.:confused_2:
  8. .!Are you eating a nug in your sig?!?!?!?
  9. i knew i should have been high when i typed this,
  10. I think rap music is just horrible in general, I used to listen to it also since I'm part of that generation. There's no longer talent in mainstream music, just people making rhymes and using a beat from a computer. That's all rap is. Where's the instruments now a days? The only rapper I used to ever really listen to was Tech N9ne because his music actually had some meaning, but he sold out.
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  12. we have kanye
  13. lol

  14. I love how Em was a fan of ICP
  15. more fire


  16. I wouldnt consider him the resurrection of rap haha. I hate that most music right now has lost its touch of its roots, but there are still a bunch of artists that are keeping it OG like it should be. People Under the Stairs, one of my favorite rap artists, is bringing back the golden age of hip hop (early 90's) which is awesome. The roots mix hip hop and actual instrumental beats which is sick. Also, bands like cage the elephant, black keys, coldplay, and many others are just keeping rock and roll where it should be. Rap is becoming pathetic though i will admit. Im sorry, but i have a real issue with Drake. I could go on and on and on and on and on about him, but all i will say is last name walking, first name never....
  17. I like eminem, but personally i dont think he's the best rapper, let alone best white rapper. I do like is syllabic rhyming style though.

    SLUG would be my favorite, hes the rapper in Atmosphere. Best rap ive ever heard. R.A. the rugged man slays shit to (he can rhyme the most syllables its overwhelming sometimes).
  18. didnt they have mad beef?

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