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i hate my chicken

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Jan 24, 2004.


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  1. did it ever occur to you that there is more to life than weed....yes i know i am a very big pot head.....but i have been having a rough time lately. I hate the shit im going through...I just wish I could find somebody to love....I don't know why I'm even writing this on this forum.....Maybe I need another blunt......Shout out too KraziHare, Cottons, and all my peeps......



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  2. The Marijuana one looks almost mormal............ It kinda looks to me like the spider got the munchies and booked before he got done. Or maybe it just forgot what it was doing. I wouldn't think a spider would have that much short term memory to begin with.

    Sorry to hear bout the tough times man. Sending Karma your way, and hoping your life gets better.
  3. <----- 20+ years of tough times. sucks to be us. lets smoke, drink, be merry, and FUCK IT ALL!
  4. yeah if that spider stopped toking! stml! im sure he would bang out some killer webs..on the other hand these other two, on caffeine and benzeblingblingdrene..yeah they need some adjusting..whos hanging out at that other web? nah, that stoner spider is aight.
    you need another blunt.

    ; )~
  5. that caffine ones scarily bad
  6. Hey TnpAuto :)

    It sez on the picture that the spiders were 'sprayed' with the drugs. Did anyone consider that the spiders couldn't see what they were doing because some big thing sprayed junk in their eyes?

  7. Wow. I thought you said Trip auto. i was wondering why the fuck you called him that, until i looked closer.

    Anyway, lol i think by spray they mean to get it into their system before they made the web, not during.

    And an interesting fact, spiders webs are sprayed out as a liquid but then they like instantly turn into the sticky web. And spiders webs are the strongest known natural material. spiders are pretty kickass.
  8. POST MOTHER FRIEKERS! its funny how the little white rabbit is the only one that said high...wait i am high....BLAH!!!! ok, so my threads arent the best, WHO CARES!!!! I WANT 5 BAZILLION POSTS!!! i love you. Why is my chicken flabergasted. ahh who cares, my stomach hurts, maybe i should hit the bong. heres some cool links my favorite artist. our local FUCK! my friends band. who woulda ever thought cooking could be so fun¿ how to make drugs out of household supplies POOP!


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  9. That Bong-O-Matic one, I killed the hippy in like about ten
    seconds. He was puking up his guts, and then he sprouted
    wings and flew away.
  10. LOLOL, tis amusing, i am still not getting many posts. im so fucking high...

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