I hate my car, new one coming

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cheebaa, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hello all,
    I have been the proud owner of a 98 avenger that I managed to get for free off my dad. Well anyways it was a good car until I hit about 140,000 miles, now everything has started to go wrong with the suspension. I've put about $1,300 into this car trying to get it running ok and I do not want to put any more into it.
    To top it all off i got a flat tire today, I just purchased them like a year ago with the extended warrenty so I thought I was all set. Well the warrenty is only good for the first 25% of the tread---- Thats fucking bull shit, I mean the hole is in the side wall and it is from dry rot, so the tire failed before the 50,000 mile mark on them. So I have to get a new tire tomorrow.
    As for a new vehicle I took friday off, picked up some pot today. I'm gonna get baked and buy a vehicle. Can't wait.
  2. lol let me get your engine for my non-turbo ESi ;)
  3. my 93 truck has 145,000 area on it and still runs GREAT, granted i have put some dough into it

    chevy's last forever man
  4. what kind of car are you gonna get now?
  5. Looking to spend about $15,000 on some type of SUV or Truck. I like the chevy trail blazers, jeep cheerokee & liberty, dodge dakota & durango. Not anything to large, not a full size truck
  6. Trust me you don't want my engine, the oil light keeps coming on no matter what, just got an oil change. It needs belts, plugs, wires, and a good cleaning
  7. haha, all 420a's have oil problems. main reason i went with a turbo car. the 420a in your car is like 80% of the rest out there. they have oil flow problems, mine started knocking a rod and the piston rings turned to shit. well, my 4g63 started knocking too, so i sold the engine, ECU, and tranny to some kid for his 91 TSi shell for cheap so he could have a car, with a lil bit of work to the engine.
  8. Whatever your situation, just be happy you have a car. For I do not. I am 18 and still ride the bus. Only sometimes when Davey can't pick me up.

  9. haha buy IMPORT. I have a 1990 accord (thats right 1990) with going on 200k miles. the only money that has EVER been put into it was paintwork when i wrecked it...aside from regular oil check/tune up stuff. buy import... i love america but our cars just dont last.
  10. the money i meant i put into it was just aftermarket

    no money was needed to keep it running or working at all man, dont knock ALL american cars

  11. if you want a proper import get a WRX or a nissan 180SX or S13 Silvia

    or a R32 or R33 GTST Nissan Skyline if you have cash sorry if im wrong on prices but in australia them above cars could all be found for under 15K except maybe the R33 but defiantly the rest but sorry im not to sure on american prices to do with imports....:wave:
  12. HAHA NO CARS PEOPLE, I just want a SUV or Truck with a V6 (NO FORDS).
  13. just get an older chevy blazer or jimmy or something like that if you are looking for a v6

    dodge trucks are ok in that category but i am just a chevy person at heart. s10s are kinda nice, just too small for my liking
  14. Yea i hear chevys are dependable, I don't like the S-10 but i do like the trailblazers
  15. Thats good to know, ATLEAST i'm trading it in now then.
  16. yeah, unless you plan on towing/hauling shit, i would go with an SUV....i happen to need my truck bed from time to time though

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