I hate mornings

Discussion in 'General' started by SSHaze, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. especially ones where i have to get up and go to college level trigonometry.

  2. Yeah fuck mornings after woirkin 6 10 hour days in a row loading hay constantly the whole time, then waking up for ANOTHER 10 hour day. It's REDICULOUS and painful even. Fuck, I can't keep doing this.
  3. dude my speech class in college got cancelled, so im just chillin now until my next class woot:cool:
  4. lol lucky fucker =) I smoked a couple bowls of jack herer, went to class, learned nothing. now im home and relaxing, weeeeeeeeee
  5. Yes I am not a morning person either.
  6. Morningus personus is a pretty rare creature these days. ( allright, so it wasn't THAT funny... dream wreckers. )

    But waking up at 5ish... The world is barely moving, but nature has begun to put on a show. It's pretty fucking awesome. Not to mention a sunrise, they're amazing.
  7. Often, if I want to be up early, I'll just stay up all night. It's easier to STAY up than it is to GET up.

  8. x2 same here
  9. lol insomnia much?
  10. I don't mind mornings..im used to it. for some reason i always wake up when the sun hits my face..its a insta-alarm clocl

  11. Haha yeh dude. I haven't slept too well over the last week. Leaving a week from today for bootcamp... I'm not too worried, but my mind is apparently. Oh and Melkor- Wake and bakes are awesome.

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