I HATE mooches

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  1. I just graduated, and there was this kid in grade 11 who gave me a ride everyday to school because I got my parking pass taken away from my coach for some studid shit. We weren't really friends, but we knew each other and talked every now and then. Even though he lived 10 houses down, on the way, I still gave him $10 gas money every week.

    Anyways, this kid used to be hardcore against drinking, smokings, drugs, etc. But I guess he got tired of being made fun of, because I found from riding with him everyday that he basically tries to drink and smoke whenever he can. Weekends, weekdays, holidays, morning, afternoon, night, whatever. One problem for him: he has no job and can't buy his own stuff, so he steals beer from open garages with fridges and mooches weed from whoever he can.

    From what I can tell, he's not an addict, he just thinks he's cool for doing it and brags about it. Eventually he found out I smoked and started texting me to "hang out."

    Him: Sup bro
    Me: [insert activity in which someone with common sense would know that I can't hang out, nor smoke anytime soon]
    Him: Sweet. want to chill?
    Me: Uhh.. Maybe after or something
    Him: Aight. I had a long day
    Me: Oh that sucks
    Him: Yah I kinda feel like cheefin lol

    This is usually when I turn off my phone. Before I knew he was such a mooch, I smoked with him once I found out he is a huge buzz kill too. I packed a pretty big bowl and after about 3 hits apiece, he looked down at the bowl and said "Shit looks cashed, guess we're done" and proceeded to open the car door to dump it. I stopped him and looked at it. Clearly, half the bowl was still left and I told him. He says "No dude. It's done" and dumps it. Of course its my weed, so I was pissed. I guess he was embarassed to get smoked out. Then he started driving off and would periodically stop in the middle of the road and yell stuff like "WTF was that?! Did you see that? I'm freaking out!!" I kept telling him to relax, before I eventually just set an alarm on my phone that was the same as my ringtone for 3 min later, pretended to "answer" my phone, carried on a fake conversation, then hung up and told him I had to go home.

    Sorry for the long post, he just texted me 5 min ago, so I'm just venting.

    Atleast I graduated though and don't have to deal with him everyday.
  2. There's only one solution- you must kill him
  3. i feel you on that one bro....i moved out of my old house and the people who use to comeover always mooched off me...some of whom are good homies but the others was jus young bucks who thougt somking was jus cool...i dont hang out with kids...
  4. I guess I can say I am a mooch, but I only get stuff from people I know and if I know for a fact they are willing. My friend yesterday was so fucked up and he finally said "I'm tired of you guys mooching!". Well he was fucked up so he dident really mean it. Because he owes me about $80 and other things that are priceless. He wanted to impress some chick so he bought her some Vans ($60) with some custom design on them. Plus I payed for his ticket to a dance show with the chick he liked was in it. Then I bought flowers for him to give to the girl which costed like 10 bucks. Am I getting off topic? :smoking:

    Well yeah mooching is bad, but theres a difference between giving it to a friend and mooching.

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