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    let me start off by saying that i dated a girl in highschool for almost 2 years, and when it ended, i never really went back to dating. This was a while ago... freshmen/sophmore year. I haven't found a girl that i really liked since; almost all girls i've met were too stupid, whether it was with common sense, or just in general. At college, most girls are just too whore-y. I haven't really been "looking" for a girl either, but i've found myself in a dilemma... i can't stop thinking about this one girl.

    Im going to be a sophmore in college, shes 2 years behind me... and she's my best friends step-sister. She also has a boyfriend. ahh. I've just been hangin out with her semi-often, because she blazes, and shes my friends step-sister. So i've been smoking with her a lot, and just saw pineapple express with her and my friend. I've never felt this way about a girl before, and i can't even explain it, she's just always on my mind, in a good way. Im too laid back and really don't know how to express how i actually feel, especially since she's got a boyfriend, so i don't know how she'd react. She deffinitely likes me; and i've been tlaking to her on facebook a bit. I dunno if im looking for advice, or, as ron burgandy would say "I just wanted to shout it on top of a mound. but i don't have a mound, a i have a stoner-internet forum."

    I guess if anyones got some good advice, i'd like to hear it. Only real quesiton i have is:
    Is she too young for me? I don''t think 2 years is a big deal at all, but i just feel weird that she's in highschool... also, a girls perspective on this situation would be nice

    [edit] my bad for not putting this in 'sex, love and relationships' i haven't been around the forums, and didn't get a look at all the new sub-categories until right now
  2. If you feel its right dude go for it, but is she 18? Someone will give you shit for it I garuntee you. Hey If her boyfriend has a problem with you beat his ass, 2 years younger Im guessing?
  3. im 19, shes 17, and yea i know ill def catch shit for that. As far as her havig a boyfriend, I'm not really worried, or scared of him, its just the fact that she has a boyfriend, and that complicates the situation more, no doubt... i dunno how she feels about him. He's her age, and he's not big... neither am i, Im only 5'7, but i got the whole italian/napoleon complex thing lol so that doesn't worry me; but im not really an agressive person... nothing would make me happier then to just see her facebook status as "single." haha, god, facebook is ridiculous, it's almost like it dictates our lives :rolleyes:

    she's told me she could get shrooms, so i invited her to my house when i move in in september to trip, plus my house is on the beach, so hopefully that can get things goin...
    I'm not too good at hitting on girls in the first place, it makes it even harder when the girl is my best friends step-sister. I doubt he'd care, but it deffinitely makes it more akward
  4. Its a popular misconception that your spouse has to be at least 18 to date, if you are older than 18. Actually each state has its own laws on it. In New York, you can have a 2 year difference and it be legal. Meaning a 19 year old can date a 17 year old. There are some states that allow up to a five year difference.

    I would say, tell her exactly how you feel. I was in the same situation as you.
    I dated a girl all throughout highschool, and we broke up due to things just slowly falling apart over time.
    A year went by without talking to her, I wrote her a letter, spilling my guts, and telling her exactly how I felt about her one night, and read it to her over the phone. She told me that she had felt the exact same way, and couldnt see herself with any person besides me and we are happily back together now. The point is, if you love her, let her know how you feel. Dont be afraid to get rejected. A quote if I may. "So scared that we might fail, we accomplish nothing, not even failure."
  5. Sometimes when I look at love I see the same thing as I do when I look in my toiletbowl after a meal at a terrible restaurant.

    Not always, but sometimes.
  6. Make casual conversation. Find out how things are with the boyfriend, if they are bad then good sign if not then that'll be bad it sucks when they have a boyfriend that they get a long with because without being a douche there is nothing you can do about it. I would try and just be casual with her and talking. show interest but not too much in case she gets scared away.
  7. pretty much exactly what im doing. Im just keeping a conversation goin with her; i invited her to chill at my house when i move in, and she's down... and bringing shrooms! but this isn't until septemeber and i don't wanna lose contact so that'll be tricky. I'm too nice to be a douche anyways about her boyfriend, i just keep it to myself when i wanna tear his head off haha. I figure if she's right for me, then she'll realize that... but lately having that attitude hasn't worked out for me at all... I'm not the aggressive-asshole type that so many girls love. Either way, im thinking positive, and I hope it works out; cuz this chick is real; and i haven't been able to say that about anyone in a while
  8. Two years is nothin, I wouldnt worry about that. There is one thing that seems sort of concerning. Now think about this for a moment; she has a boyfriend but likes you (probably), if she leaves her BF to be with you, what do you think would happen when the next guy comes along?

    In my experience, if somone is willing to leave their significant other to be with you, they could very well leave you to be with someone else. So that said, be careful about how you express yourself.
  9. I'm likely past the age of qualifying as a girl. Here's a perspective though, from a female:
    dating != love
  10. i agree 100%. If I thought this girl was in love with the guy she is dating, then I wouldn't even be talking about her right now. But god damn, why can't I stop thinking about her? I don't even know her that well.
  11. attraction != love
  12. dude. problem. there's a boyfriend involved. don't you think he should be out of the way before you make any major moves? i seriously despise homewreckers so please don't be one.
  13. Pinch the boyfriend.
  14. I don't think that two years of age is a big deal at all. Man, my parents have a twenty year age difference. But, don't try to break them up. Thats a jack ass thing to do, and definitely not the way to win her heart. Just tell her how you feel, and see how it goes.
  15. tell her exactly how you feel.

    i didn't even know i could possibly sense so many emotions, especially about a girl, until this summer, most of them negative. pretty much the only girl i've ever cared about and i are in a similar situation, if not deeper. the problem is that i am very shy and probably the most unaggressive (if it's a word) person towards girls. to make a long story short, i'd bottled up my feelings towards her for the last three years, and i couldn't take it any more. every day that passed it would get heavier and heavier, i know how you feel. so, i did what probably was one of the best things i've ever done in my life. i decided to let her know exactly how i felt. of course i had to do it all in writing (more than i wrote last spring as a junior in college...), but let me tell you this, it takes a load off your chest, and then some, just to completely put everything out on the table. and if you're right about her, as i was, then her response will feel even better and you may, as in my case, feel more euphoric than any drug could ever accomplish. good luck.
  16. awww.. young love.

    you're young dude. tell her how you feel. if it doesn't work, you'll have PLENTY of time to meet other girls you'll feel the same way about.

    there really are plenty of fish in the sea.

    Honesty rocks. No regrets!
  17. i don't think the age difference is too big of a deal. i guess i would say its always best to be honest. it's better to do something and fail then sit there and do nothing or its going to drive you crazy thinking about it. you can't let shit like that consume you. if you really like her i would just put it out there. tell her that you like her. simple as that. then see what happens.
  18. Yeahh

    I hate the situation your in, it hapended to me before but me and my bestfriend liked the same girl. Problem was he never told me he liked her, now he moved to Cally and I'm stuck here in RI.

    But hey it sucks when you friends don't aprove of things, so just make sure your friend is chill with it.
  19. hey im stuck in ri too!:wave:
  20. love is for the fucking birds.

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