I hate love, but am addicted

Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. I hate being in love, its fuckin bullshit and causes too much pain at times. Love is too strong for a people (if you can feel love, some people think they're in love but dont have a clue what it is). I'm either high off love and in the greatest mood, or i'm hurt and feel like crying and going to sleep and wanting to never wake up. I wish I wouldnt feel love, but damn I cant stop. Am I fucked? Yes......I am fucked :)
  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor thing..... luv sucks.......
  3. oh man, but the ups wiegh out the downs by sooooo much, atleast for me. just that feeling that you really like someone, and knowing that they like you too, nothing could be better!
  4. Compromise, balances out the up and down feelings!!!
  5. thats the word on the street KoB.

    id watch your back! i heard cupid took some bad acid and he's being going nutz all over the states :O

  6. not everyone babe.... only the losers i dated b4...lol
  7. you just have to know not to confuse your self between love and lust..... sometimes you don't even realize that what your loving is only a physical attraction.....

    sucks but it happens.....

    love can be beautiful...... or it can be that evil 500lb fat bitch sittin on your chest.....causeing nothing but pain....
  8. Even though I'm going through PURE HELL right now with a girl, I realize that no matter how depressed & angry I get over it, that when you do find true love, I really can't think of anything much better. The Beatles said it best..... All you need is love.......

  9. learning the hard way does suck..
  10. im not the most popular person wiv the girls but im always thinkin wot others think. i was wiv thi great girl once but i finished it an i dont even know y, i was always thinkin wot my mates wud think, i realised i loved her once i finished it but ive had loads of chances 2 get bk wiv her but neva took em cus of wots my mates think! how stupid i know but im like that i wish i wasnt
  11. dude, i was just hurt a while back, like a month or 2, not really counting, when your in love it feels like the greatest thing to me, well.....next to pot..kinda...i dunno, but when its over, its like hitting the end of your sack.... :mad:

  12. been there done that... but hey everyone learns from thier previoous mistakes......

  13. i totally get what you're on about. i'm in the same boat. at the peaks of the waves the experience is so intense that at times i think my body is about to pack it in. the saying "blinded by love" isnt normally meant to be taken literally, but i have lost my vision temporarily on a couple of occasions from it. love is a drug and it is POWERFUL.

    I love being in love. i hate all the crap it does to me though. it totally messes you over.

    ... and the beatles were on to something.
    eating, sleeping, all the otehr stuff i used to do.... all mean nothing compaired to love.
  14. man i feel you its been about 2 months since my ex left me...i dont know whats wrong with me..im trying to be friends with her when all i really want to do is be with her..i need to stop hanging out with her..its hurting me to much..that and shes already dateing her ex...gosh i am so confused/stupid/hurt and even though i know im being stupid i still just want to be with her :(......we broke up because i turned her on to smokeing and started blazeing almost everyday with her (like a year an a half) untill the point where she was like omg weed has ruined my life (even though we both work/go to school/had a healthy relationship/smoked tons of bud and had tons of fun) she just couldnt handle it after time..damn sorry for the rant but some response would be nice..havnt had a chance to tell this to anyone before..

    edit..hahahah im so high i just realized that this thing is like 4 years old lol

  15. dont be so stupid m8 if you really like this girl go for it who gives a fuck what your mates think?

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