I HATE long car rides!

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  1. I just drove 18 hours straight from Columbus, OH back down to FL. And I know most of you have probably been on even longer rides but that felt like an eternity! I brought my one-hitter and was blazing at every rest stop, that's the only thing I had to look forward to. Also, we rented a Dodge Challenger, which was pretty tits. But that's all I had going for me! ;)

    I still feel stressed so I think I'm going to walk across the street to my headshop and get a new toy...nothing huge but I need to treat myself. I'll post later a picture with what I end up getting.

    Anyone have any shitty car ride stories?
  2. I don't have any annoying car rides, but I'd like to see the piece that you buy. What do you have in mind?
  3. Rode on a bus from south Florida to Mississippi over night. Sleeping on a bus is the most painful sleeping experience I have ever had
  4. 18 hours in a challenger....at least u rode in style.
  5. Well unfortunately I don't think I'll have enough to get a new tube so maybe a new ash catcher, or a multiple chamber grinder. I also have to take some of my spare money to pick up nugs with so I can't go all out. :eek:

    And man, I would hate a bus ride even more!
  6. I like long car rides, as long as i'm not the one driving. It's relaxing to just chill and listen to music on a long empty road.
  7. Yeah dude I fucking hate car/plane rides being 6ft3 doesn't make it east to get comfortable and I literally have 0 patience.
  8. I'm going to have to completely disagree with you.
    18 hours might be pretty damn long, but there's nothing better than the open road, your favorite music, some weed, and you mind the whole time.
  9. one time i was in a car and a cop came up and we were hot boxing i ate the blunt then threw it up later
  10. after a system of a down show i had to drive 6 hours back home, so me and my friends blazed all the way, then about 30 mins from home I smoked a coyote, not fun dealing with the only car insurance co. in the prov
  11. Dude I'd love to drive a Dodge Challenger high for 18 hours. That'd be sick!
  12. I drove from LA to Boston. But it was more to visit the country, it took me 2 weeks driving about 5 hours a day though.
  13. So I ended up getting a new ashcatcher. It's made by Pure. Ran me $35



    And you can't really see the bud that well so for shits and giggles here's what I've been testing the waters with.

  14. No offense but PURE ashcatchers fucking suck because of the lack of removable bowl. I mean seriously what would possess you to make an ashcatcher with a bowl you can't easily empty? Why PURE why???
  15. I was on a bus for 24 hours last weak. Legit.
  16. I drove from Maryland to Vermont last year. About ten hours in the car and about a grand for gas. Not so fun.
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    i drove from iowa to florida on a fuckin school bus. it took 2 days to get there. you had your friends and everything, but it was still hell being on a fuckin school bus for that long.
    i also smoked at a few of the rest stops and miraculously didnt get caught cause im a sly mother fucker.

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