I hate little wigger/wannabe dealers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by flyin420, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. okay so this dude i know "j" i met him a few weeks ago because i was dry of bud and met him through a friend. so he was the middle man and hooked me up for some shwag:rolleyes:
    anyways he was at this party i went to last night and he was being a total dick to me. saying he could beat my ass in 5 seconds and im about a foot taller than this kid. The whole night he would start talking to his "homie" and look at me and i knew he was talking about me. Then everytime i walked passed him he would always raise his fist and make some goofy ass "zzz" noise, i was like wtf...im a really chill person so i just brush it off, and try to ignore him.

    so me and this cool chick and "j" and another guy went into the other room to smoke out of this chicks bong, we were on our 3rd bowl and this kid is just giving me the eye the whole sesh, then i pass it to him and hes like "wtf, this is cashed" i was like no its got another hit, he lights it and it holds a nice cherry, then he starts bitchin because "it was all resin"

    then later the night when im about ready to go home he goes "what you lookin at, you scarecrow ass muthafucker"

    so yea, wow i dont know whatever i did to this kid but whatever, i will never call him again, or ever smoke MY bud with him.
  2. Dude pluhleez...id whoop his ass.
  3. you hate him because he projects his insecurities onto other people?

    healthy. . .
  4. I hate people.

    Well, most.

    Still, you should of confronted hiss ass and told him if hes got something to say to you, he should best do it then. Hell, i wouldn't even pass it to his ass.
  5. I would have handed his ass to him, but last time i got in a fight at a party i whooped this dudes ass and now most of those people i partied with hate me so whatever
  6. thats just the way life is
  7. punch in the head
  8. yeah dude, i hate douchebag wiggers too....if you ask me those cocky motherfuckers deserve a good shanking, but thats just my opinion.
  9. When he said the bong was cached, you shoulda said fine, I guess you don't mind if I hit this cached bowl, and taken a huge rip.

    Really tho, ask HIM what the fuck hes lookin at when he looks at you, dont let lil shits like that phase you.
  10. yeah, i guess i am kind of a pussy at times, but i have a really low self-esteem
  11. He sounds like a bammer pussy, oh btw so do you for getting punked out by this guy who acts like the typical North American Street Ni&&er. Be a man as deal with him.
  12. get a ninja star and throw it at him
  13. doesn't that seem a little contradictory?
  14. dude is just an asshole, try to stay away from him
  15. the first time ud walked pass him if he didnt hit u punch his fuckin face in the beat his fuckin brains silly he is a pussy ima tell u that now judging by ur story
  16. bammer pussy? do you have down syndrome by any chance?:confused:
  17. sounds like a lil bitch tryna go into partys pickin out people to fuck with :laughing:

    should of just put him in his place
  18. Dude, believe it or not, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  19. Hah, ninja star. I like that idea.

    I told you in that other thread, if this is the same "j" that you were talking about.

    He's stealing from you, smoking your weed, being rude to you, threatening you......

    I would have knocked his teeth out by now....

    Low self-esteem? I really feel ya for that but really, how healthy is it for your self-esteem to get jerked around by this kid?

    Little bitch needs to be taught a lesson.

    Although sometimes i feel like a punk myself when i get into fights.

    Ah well, sometimes you gotta deal.

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