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I hate kids

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MaryNMe, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Ok, I want to hear some opinions from parents.

    Im 26 and I have always hated kids and the way they are so annoying and all seem to have ADD. Just like when I was a kid. Its like theyre all the same!
    Anyway, as time passes I feel more and more that I would be a great dad and actually have felt the desire to have children.
    But I still find them hella-annoying and stressful.

    How many of u out there, that are parents, felt like this BEFORE u had kids? And how do u feel now that u have them??

    Did all of ur fears just dissipate when that beautiful baby was born and now u experience nothing but joy with ur children??
    Or was ur hate for kids just confirmed??

    Looking for opinions from parents that HATED kids before they had kids.
  2. I think once you have your own kid man, you will never be annoyed with them. You created them, you won't do nothing but love them
  3. You're still immature. I don't mean it a slam.. just enjoy the time you have now and grow up. Hopefully, you will outgrow your selfishness.

    Aren't you glad your parents didn't feel that way about you and just leave you in a dumpster after you were born?
  4. Don't hate the children, they're innocent little sponges . Hate on the parents if anything :)
  5. "I used to hate children, then I had my own. Life is amazing now!" Real life testimonial
    not a paid actor
  6. "You'll never love anything more in your life than your kids."

  7. Problem is that just isn't true. Drug addicts will sell and whore out their daughters for a fix. (And, no, I don't fucking mean weed)
  8. No the problem with that is that they're just shitty people in general and shouldn't have had kids or probably didn't "plan" to have kids in the first place. If you're truly a good and responsible person than my previous statement will hold true.

  9. I agree, but the type of person you're describing has children on the regular.

    I believe it's one of the reasons why society is going to crap. Parents aren't raising their kids.. they think that's what school is for.

    I'm too lazy to search around, but I believe that I recently read that about half of all pregnancies are not planned. Not saying that half are bad, but it does leave the possibility that many are...

    I need to stop before I get to ranting. I believe the world is overpopulated with idiots.
  10. I agree, I think most of the people that have kids these days shouldn't even have pet fish, much less a little human being. All I'm saying is that someone with good intentions and a good heart is going to love their kids unconditionally and would do absolutely anything to see them lead a happy and successful life. Then again it's just my opinion and unfortunately the world is a fucked up place and it seems to be only getting worse.
  11. I was thinking this today in the store.

    There was this kid that just kept yelling louder and louder and louder. Parents were doing what they could.

    I just know that if it were me I would not be able to resist slapping them across the face.
    Like, couldn't do it, I would black out and come to with a soar palm and them screaming even louder.

    They need to just make some sort of kid muzzle legal.

  12. Parenting isn't easy. If someone actually tries to be a better parent (not saying good, but better because every parent could be better), they will build their own character.. and more likely that will trickle down to the child.

    Physically disciplining your child in a public place is foolish. You may very well likely end up in handcuffs and/or a visit from child services.
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    I don't disagree. That's why I don't plan on having a child now or possibly ever. The amount of anger I feel when I hear a child scream louder and louder isn't healthy.

    But then again if I had a kid I probably would smack him a few times throughout his childhood(not seriously hard of course). If it gets the point across and seems to work then I don't see an issue. I wouldn't hit them just to hit them if they kept crying.
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    Children are lifes most difficult challenges... i mean if you can raise a child to be successful in life,

    that's fucking an amazing talent....

    Just depends on the maturity of people involved with a child ....... If you can raise a child, you've a achieved something GLORIOUS........

    to pour your heart and soul into something and watch it unfold into a successful functioning human being could be very rewarding.....

    depends on your ambitions and what you want out of life i guess. :hippie:

    smacking a child is very immature way to deal with the situation.... they don't learn anything positive from violence.....

  15. Bullshit haha.
  16. lol. +1
  17. You do notice that not every child is the same right and how each personality type comes with different behaviors... My nephew is almost like my son, me and him are pretty close and he looks up to his uncle; I'll teach him how to be chill.

    Here's the MBTI chart, it tells you the 8 personality types of children under 12 and what comes out of that personality type.
  18. I don't hate kids, I m just awkward with them...
    It amazes me how tiny they are bit in 17 years they will be as big as you and me
  19. Don't worry. Your kids will annoy the crap out of you but not nearly enough as other peoples kids.
  20. I found disciplining and working with them when they are young (like 1-3) saves you a whole lot of problems when they get older..its the parents that used the tv as a babysitter at that age that have the crazy brat kids

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