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I hate joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by minntoker, May 22, 2004.

  1. Joints are a waste of time and weed. it takes up time that instead of rolling a joints you could be puffin on a bowl. and considering that they constantly burn, your wasting weed. just go for pure and clean glass.
  2. You mean you hate YOUR joints. I bet you can't roll a decent joint if your life depended on it.

    I myself love a good joint I've hand rolled.
  3. If youve got good bud, there is nothing better than a well rolled joint. The taste is unbeatable, and so are the nice thick hits. As far as them being a waste, Im not convinced. They burn slower than a normal bowl if you roll it right and if you tip the joint up hardly anything is wasted... And besides you should be hittin that shit, not starring at it!
    Just roll a decent joint, with good bud and Im sure your mind will change about the sweet sweet J.
  4. Poor bastard. Are you in such a hurry, you can't even sit bach 'n enjoy rolling a J? And how do you smoke when you're not home? You bring yer bong out to the park?
  5. You have never smoked a good joint then.

  6. i actually have a habit now of whem im sitting in my room all bored, just pull out my grinder and papers, and just start rolling a j to pass the time because i find rolling so damn entertaining, but probably because u know what pleasure that joint will bring u :)

  7. couldn't have said it better. i agree 100 percent whole heartedly.
  8. if you can roll... rollin' a J takes like no time at all... and it's fun
  9. l like my bong best :D
  10. i hate joints too
    they waste smoke in between hits and a bowl you can cap
    and if your going to spend time rolling it then make a blunt
  11. joints suck if someone who doesnt know how to roll, rolls one and it burns uneven and too fast/slow...

    bowls suck if someone who doesnt know how to pack it, packs it and you get a mouth full of ashes... goes both ways!
  12. i agree... im relly not a big fan of j's.. probably because my rollign skills suck, and im lazy and end up blazing out of my pipe. BUT.. i think j's are a very social meathod of smoking all sitting around passing the j. I dont think much is wasted and i have some friendshere in india who ca roll the most amazing joints in the world... weed with crumbled hash. My buddy rolled one that must have been 5 inches long and a good 1/2 3/4 inches thick. it was amazing and dont ask how he got it so big... i thought the biggest you could roll a j was the size of a ciggaret.. guess i was wrong. Well until i learn how to roll or buy a machine ill stick to bowls... but.. again.. if theres some time.. and i have an extra cigar.. i may take the time to roll a blunt, but wish i was better. anyway.. thats my opinion, later guys
  13. I personally like joints. I like hitting them; nice big hits. I like rolling them. I am a pretty good roller, kind of a natural; my first J was better than my friend could ever do and hed been smoking for like 2 months longer than me. I dont think that they waste weed especially if there are more than one of you; you are constantly hitting it. They burn alot slower than sparking a bowl, a decent sized bowl gets about 8 good hits out of it, a couple more if you scrounge on the weed. A J gets about 20 big long hits out of it, and is about the size of 2-3 bowls. it is more sneaky, funner, but the only thing i dont like is that it makes my arm smell like weed especially my hand. That is the only bad part.
  14. i only smoke j's if im out and about...but otherwise i stick with my bubbler
  15. smoke a bowl, then roll a joint. i guarnatee you that it's ten times more fun and it'll turn out way better.

    there's nothin wrong with joints. ok they burn, but would you rather they burn or have your friends always flicking a lighter? that noise really makes me nervous especially when it's windy and no flames come about.

    ok, you do need to stuff it with at least .5g but you'd be smoking that anyways in a bowl, right? holding the breath till the jay comes around again is an awesome way to get stoned..

    personally i get more stoned off a jay than i do from a bowl cuz it's just so much thicker, although it is healthier to smoke from a bong.. i don't like bongs toooo much anymore cuz if you don't empty the water within your session you get those brown rings that are sooo hard to scrub off. cool hits tho.
  16. i still like them!
  17. i love joints they are my favorite, the only thing i hate is acrylic bongs they gimme kind of a sick high, but when i roll joints i dont know if its because i #$%%^ lip them or what but the end gets all wet and it makes it hard to hit
  18. I have exellent rolling skills, but they are a waste. period.

  19. by yourself maybe, but when u have people to pass it with, there is no sittin there lookin at the thing burn away
  20. every stoner should know how to roll. period. and as for joints i love em by myself or with people i also like

    chilliums and kinds
    pipes all kinds
    bongs all kso pretty much any smokeing devise known to man :)

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