I hate it when this happens :(

Discussion in 'General' started by HighFoSho, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. {disclaimer; MLK was an amazing man. The specific holiday in question has nothing to do with this post}
    So all week, I was watching the weather report (crazy, unseasonably warm and dry weather, I should add) and planning my hiking trip for this week. Then, I think it was Sat night, I realized.... Ah shit :( Mon is MLK day :(
    For many years, my days off have been Mondays and Tues. So when a holiday falls on a Monday, it means there will be crowds of fucking idiots anywhere I try to go :( Can't fish. Can't hike. Can't do photography {granted, you can't do these things, in fun and comfort on any Sat or Sun, in my area either... but again, not my problem. I consider those work days anyway}..... Well I mean, sure, you can wade through people, looking for a place to park.... trying to take photos which are not fucked up by a person sneaking into your nature shot {thank god for photo shop}
    But anyway, I just kind of brushed it off, and thought... eh... I just need to find a place to park, then once I hike out a little higher, and farther, I should be able to find some peace and privacy.
    Ha ! Not yesterday :(
    So today all the crowds are going back to work, so I can go spend another $40 on gas, to try it again.
    Bet the crowds will be 1/4 the size ;)
    When I see these holiday Monday events coming up, I often trade Monday for Weds with a coworker. Just kind of let this one sneak up on me :( Heck, I always say, I'd work every holiday + every Sat and Sun (for straight pay) if I could just have the other 240 days a year off ;)


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