I Hate it when ... Rant

Discussion in 'General' started by Rhythm of Life, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. i made a new thread here instead of flaming some individuals but yea

    I absolutely hate it when motherfuckers on here post a comment that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. im mean sure if your high and some guy has just said skittles are tasty and you agree well then you just wasted space but it was imput. but when motherfuckers write professional stories that dont even glance at the topic is when i get pissed.

    you guys know the type your talking about snowboarding and then they shout i flew a kite once. WTF

    start your own rants here(i have a feeling this thread is gunna die)
  2. I do not have the room to post all of my rants. :D

    I like how laid back we are here, threads wander off topic but eventually return to the topic. On most forums, once they stray they tend to stay gone. Though, yes indeed, most threads do tend to stray from the topic at hand. :)
  3. Sour Skittles are super awesome.
  4. yeah i like butterflies too!
  5. I hate it when people say they like something when deep down they secretly hate it and wish for it to DIE!

    That is a rant, right?
  6. i like you evil fuckers postin in my thread with that bullshit :D seriously though if i knew that wasnt a joke id flip a bitch
  7. once i flipped a bitch, but that was a long time ago, in my ring leader days....
  8. Whoa! I never thought of flipping a bitch when I was a ring leader. To go back now... Man, what times I would have...
  9. hey does anyone wanna play dodgeball?
  10. dodgeball is a funny movie
  11. This is an internet forum, go smoke some weed and chill out dude, because when people are high they're bound to say some stupid shit of complete irrelevance.
  12. i saw a lawn gnome once...it didnt scare me tho....

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