I hate getting called into wok on my day off.

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  1. Fucking sucks man. im glad i got a job and all. but ive school all week, and a shit load of homework to do. and gotta start my online classes. then i get called in to close tonight..

    fuckin bummer. but i guess its money right?

    this thread is for all of you who unfortunately get your day of baking cut short due to work. :(
  2. aww ill smoke a bowl for you while you're workin.:smoking:

    money is money:)
  3. Oh dude, I feel ya.

    I don't know how many times I got called into work while fucking high as a kite... to spite them, I'd bring a bowl and continue my sesh out back behind the dumpsters. :p
  4. yeah dude ive been hittin the roor all morning. guess its karma for skipping my piano class this morning. oh well, ill take it and think of the money ill make. to buy a sick ashcatcher for said bong, to smoke on said day off, with good karma around. hopefully.

    going to smoke right now so i can chill for a few hours before work.

  5. eh... Why answer the phone? Unless youre paid to be on call, youre not...
  6. I got called to come into work in the middle of my wake n bake yesterday :( it was the biggest buzzkill but it sure made the work a hell of a lot better.
  7. Just tell them there's no way you can come in and have a previous appointment with a doctor, dentist, etc, something health related. If they say anything else, tell them to fuck themselves.
  8. Yeah, just say that you don't want to come in.

    I mean, I would usually go in because covering a shift resulted in an increase in hours on my schedule. It doesn't hurt to cover once in a while, but you're not obligated to go in each and every time. I only did because of the extra money and the fact it built good relations with my boss at the time. It shows that you're responsible, if anything.
  9. well this place is kinda ran by a retard. but the kid left a message and sounded like he was dying. called everyone, so i said fuck it. ill be nice. then hes like oh man thank you so much ill cover any shift you need man. thanks..

    but, i guess karma works quick. cuz a kid just called me and asked if he could take it.

    answer: FUCK yes you can. :hello::smoking:

    that turned around fast.
  10. Sucks Balls
    Had the night of but now have to work!
  11. its not too bad. shit im always down to make some extra bread.
    glad that worked out for you tho nothin better than rydin the couch and gettin blowed all day:cool:
  12. yeah for sure. im tired as fuck and need to do hw so it worked out. ill pick up a morning shift anyday.

    but closing when i have class at 8 forty minutes away sucks
  13. I hate getting called into wok anyday man. Its always fucking hot, there's generally some kind of strange spices in there which fuck up my allergies and i hate getting tossed around!

    I get anxious when intergalactic by the beastie boys come on...cause he'll still fry you in his wok!
  14. that is exactly why i love workin a set schedule of 40 hrs/week.
  15. haha i used to work a job where they would get hella busy and call me in. Well they never gave me hours so when they would call in id just say ohhh well i actually already have plans sorry. This was at an aquarium store, so i would then visit the store later with my girlfriend and her mom looking for stuff to buy. It was so much fun.

    One time i did walk in and they were dying for some help and he actually asked me to leave who i was with to stay and work. I helped one customer for free get like 100 goldfish and then said im not gunna work and left.

    They cant make you work on your day off so i always just say no. But ive also never really needed the money so i never cared if they cut my hours or not
  16. Glad I don't have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore.

    I always used to tell my bosses "I been drinking"
  17. That's exactly how you look at the situation.

    Think about the positives and not the negatives.;)
  18. Also, be thankful to have a job. Some people would kill to even be employed right now.
  19. Yes, very true. I happen to be one of those people atm.[​IMG]
  20. I worked today on my day off, haha. Like most people were saying, i dont do it every time someone calls and asks. I do it every once in a while to show whoever than i can be nice, haha. It's a good thing to do because you can use it in the future if you're calling someone else to replace you. "Hey, remember that one time when I took your shift? It's your turn!"

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