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i hate funerals...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. this is probably the first funeral that ive been too, since ive really, discovered many things about this world, and the way things go, the first funeral since i have really searched myself for many of the spiritual beliefs and such that i have now..
    i cried...
    to see these men, the firefighters, these heroes, that i have looked up to almost all my life, these unfaltering see them all teary eyed, stone see both fathers and mothers my soul had got kicked today.
  2. sry norm to hear this..its never plesent..its all to wierd, and sometimes almost a feeling you can never quiet grasp...i hope your a-allright. thinkin of yea babe.
  3. There was a period of time when I was a little child, there were about 5 funerals in one year, and there was a pause and couple of weeks ago, we had an gig the night before, it wasn't a big deal, it was a beautiful day.

    I don't get it why christians always cry and are so sad when somebody dies, I mean isn't heaven and all the eternal life after death stuff theit most important thing, they're basiclay living their life to get to heaven and it's the ultimate best there is, and then when someone gets there they're all murky and sad......
  4. shit, ive said it before, and ill damned well say it again, and put it in my will and come to my funeral all dressed in black and cryin and shit, you dont get in..

    you come to my funeral with a sack you get funeral is going to be THE mother fucking gonna get em to hang me from the ceilin...and swing me around every once in a while so it looks like im, not really..but, i want fog machines, lasers, lots and lots of dope smoke, normal everyday clothes...and of course lots of beaver praisin :p
  5. hahahaha. sounds liek a hell of a funeral. someone died at my school with glaucoma or seomthin, and she said she wanted her funeral in the middle of school and for as many ppl to come as they wanted, just so we could miss school. prety cool i thought, urs sounds a hell of a lot better tho. coolest thign about this person was, she got perscribed to pot for her disease. a lot of my freinds got pot from her but i never really knew i had to miss out.
  6. life is depressing, so smoke cronic and be happy :)
  7. l don,t give a shit about heaven.l cry because l have lost a friend that l will no longer be able to party with.l cry for my loss ,not their death.l cry because a peice of who l am dies with them.

    ditto....i allways feel that something is missing....not someone!...something...the energy that that person created has moved on to a higher plain, and it is sadly missed......Peace out....Sid
  8. i cry because it hurts...instead of a physical pain, its emotional.....simple as that.
  9. i know that pain namron... and it hurts so much more (and longer) than physical pain. i've lost several friends (and a couple relatives) over the years. it still sometimes hurts after even a long time, but time does heal. sorry again about your loss.
  10. Critter I agree with you my friend!

    Norm sorry to hear about your pain.

    A new light for you Norm. Once in a while I get a request from friends, family, and a few others to open and shut the grave. 5-6 years ago I was requested by a female that I went to school with (long ago) to open and close her husbands grave. I accepted being the friend that i am.

    When they brought this guy from the funeral home to the grave there were only two cars following the hurst. All the rest of the people were on bikes (Harleys & Hondas) and were partying big time. There was more pot smoked and other drugs there than I'd seen in years. Of course the guys there wanted to help me in covering the grave. I let them help.

    We passed around joints and blunts till the grave was covered. The care taker of the cemetary came out to see how things were going. He started out telling us that we should not be partying at this guys funeral. I showed him the request of the guy who wanted a party at his grave by all his friends to celebrate their lives instead of his death. Needless to say he just joined us LOL.

    I thought you might like this because it was like you want it to be!
  11. yeah, thats how i want it to be..and thanks again to you all.
  12. Hopefully we will have a younger generation to follow our footsteps...... I have alot of friends my age that I have buried already. It does make you think of who will be there when it's your turn.
  13. sorry to hear that as well dirtyd. my grandpa held on for 6 months after he had his anyeurism (sp?). it's hard knowing that at any day that person could be gone. enjoy the time you get to spend with her before she goes...

    sending much good karma to you and namron :D
  14. Sorry about your grandma D.D.

    That is the hardest thing having a love one may not be here any day.

    I try to keep in mind that there is nothing that I can do. That does help me.

    Good karma and love from the BH family.

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