I hate flaky dealers

Discussion in 'General' started by dhizzyballuh, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. My guy was like "yea I'll be there in 30 minutes. "
    30 minutes go by and I text him
    "Where you at"
    No reply
    10minutes later I call him
    No answer
    I want my eighth! :(
  2. find a new dealer, simple.
  3. I honestly thought this thread was about a drug dealer with dandruff.
  4. If they are not on top of shit they are middlemanning.
  5. [quote name='"l James l"']If they are not on top of shit they are middlemanning.[/quote]

    The hard parts finding out who they get it from. Some asking around though you'll have better prices and a more reliable dealer
  6. You have to remind him who needs who more.

    You can quit weed but he can't quit making money.
  7. I've had so many dealers like that. With one I would buy small amounts so he'd usually cruise around smoking blunts for hours then give me what he had left over. Shits annoying. Its like, I know you have a life. Just tell me what's up. If you can't get to me for a while let me know. Don't have me wait around being sketchy. If you can't get me my sack for a few hours tell me and I'll go about my day. If you give me good bud and the correct weight I'll weight for it and probably won't go to someone else.
  8. +12325.

    If they don't want the money, take your money some where else. I prefer those that treat it as more of a business than fake dealers that want to deal for status.

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