I hate everyone besides my mom and sister

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NorCalPiff, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I hate everyone so much. Everybody is so lame, especially all these losers that bring nothing to the table. Im for real content by myself. My annoying loser neighbors just showed up at my front door. I was like, I can't chill peace and slammed the door. Fucking idiots. I hate lames.
  2. -____- maybe we all think that you're lame.
  3. Umm ... Ok ?
  4. fuck you too bro
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    most of my friends were retards, failing all classes at school, grimes, having 3 bucks in coins, bumming cigg's and sharing dime sacks, or dropping 2$ on a smoke session. lol

    they are no longer my friends lol. every time they hit my up my phone happens to be missing.


  6. you sound like your full of teen angst.
  7. I think if you actually gave people a chance you'd find some that you like.
  8. Pics of mom and sis?
  9. tl;dr foreveralone
  10. Sorry you feel that way. Anything I can do to help?

  11. You are not looking in the right place. You're on an internet forum man you obviously like interacting with people in some ways.
  12. OP, you're aware this is an adult forum right?

    The things you say remind me of the things that 15 year olds say when they get all mad at the world and think that no one understands them.
  13. I came over to tell you your car lights were still on..didn't want your battery to die. Don't even fucking THINK about asking me to jump your car tomorrow morning. Dick.
  14. Your just going through a rough patch
  15. Nah you guys are chill, I just meen everybody is fake. Loyal friends are hard to come by, only have had a few.
  16. My pickup threads sure aren't childish. Hahahhahaha! Stop taking life so seriously bro.

  17. lol wtf your the who made a thread abot how much you hate everyone. take your own advice
  18. Just realized OP is the guy who said he can only get high on edibles if he eats a whole ounce to the face. I'd be depressed too.

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