i hate days like today

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. days where you call everyone...and no one is answering or no one has anything. fuck i need weed! haha i'm supposed to get a half tomorrow from this kid who has owed me for a while, but i just got paid and i want some of that GOOD SHIT ya heard?

  2. i know the feeling.

    that thought in your head..."how can NO ONE have weed?"
  3. Are you in Washington right now?
  4. not yet man, i'll be there july 11th through 18th. my bro works during the day, so i'll have plenty of free time. we'll exchange numbers and get up while i'm out there.
  5. Tight, I'm gonna be there June 30th-August. Works out perfectly.
  6. hellyeah I feel ya mane, If I had some I'd share with you! good luck
  7. yeah man, waitin is the one thing i hate about buyin small sacks
  8. haha i'm buying up as much as whatever i can when i hear something. fuck this shit.
  9. Yeah, tell me about it bud. My friend was supposed to be picking up a half ounce of AK 47 today but the guy never showed, he was pretty gutted. Lucky i've got my own supplies and smoked him out!:smoking:
  10. yea man thats how i felt yesterday
  11. i'll be in washington august- forever, im movin back.:hello:
  12. yesterday was the closest i've come to being dry in a long time.

    i had like a bong left in my grinder when i finally picked up.

  13. I HATE THAT!!! This bowls to you man, youll find some bud eventually. My town had been mad dry forlike 2 months
  14. Our entire town has been dry for TWO whole fuckin days. I normally don't mind the occasional dry day, but I bought a new bong today, can't pick anything up to try it out though.
  15. Its been dry as shit round here as well.
  16. man i just found some awwwwesome bud. even flipped a few pancakes tonight so all is well ya know?

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