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i HATE crappy english soapbars

Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. As the subject name suggests, iam sick to death of crappy english soapbars.
    Sure, you can get some weed but they cost like zillion times more than dope - and i aint loaded all the time.
    Soapbars are cut with all sorts of shit - i know this and ive heard this.
    I cant skin up at home either, since it STINKS when you try and crumble.

    I think il try and grow some.... somehow
  2. Me too, hurts like hell if you smoke it through a bong too.
    Wish I could afford green all the time, do you get loads of little bits of plastic in your soap too? annoys the shit outta me!
  3. Exactly. the plastic shit. thats what i hate the most.
  4. i think the soapbar i get is pretty clean.

    there's very rarely any plastic in it, and when there is it's just a tiny tiny piece.

    i've smoked some pretty bad hash, and when i first smoked this hash i use now, i was really suprised how much better it tasted and how it actually smells of weed.

    £30 for a 1/2 oz

    but give me some bud any day
  5. whatz a soapbar?
  6. isn't soapbar uhhh.. hash that's been cut with a bunch of shit?

    holy shit dude "Wish I could afford green all the time, do you get loads of little bits of plastic in your soap too? annoys the shit outta me!"

    they give you plastic in your smoke?!? damn i don't think i would smoke that "soap bar" shit. for real i would be a non-stoner if that were the only way to get high..
    jesus man just thinkin about that.. "getting plastic in my bag is normal".. makes me feel bad for thinking i had it bad.
  7. If I remember right, Sid was telling awhile back that some hash is cut with shoe polish, etc.

    Edit: Yup I was right, here's Sid's quote:

    Located in this thread:


    Edit 2: Another thread about cutting hash:

  8. jeeze

    shoe polish? damn.

    sometimes im glad i dont get out more often.
  9. Yes some soapbar people get is shite, others than get alright soapbar but generally it's shite but it gets you stoned so people don't really have a choice, weed is around but it's alot more hassle to get than hash, hash is easy to get and quickly, with weed there would be a bit of a wait and dearer.

    £25 a 1/2oz of hash here.

    I've found little bits of plastic in it before yea, it's cut with plastic and everything to make it weigh more,etc.
  10. £17.50 for 1/2 oz here.
  11. if you go up to london you can get this stuff called squidgy black which is cut with diesel oil


    it's all about knowin the right people. i know a guy at work who can get hold of juicy buds and lovely pollem.

    mmmm mmmm

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