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I hate clear headed highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I got some heavy indica recently and noticed i feel totally aware and clear minded. I dont feel high in my mind and can only tell im blazed from my actions. Where are those mind fuck sessions i used to have? And ps i am fresh off a t break so its not tolerance
  2. Blue dream is a good head high
  3. They are in the past, which no longer exists.
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    I mean based on the fact that you mentioned that your bud was indica heavy and you didn't like the high, you're able to deduce you'd want a sativa dominant strain, right? That would be the 'mindfuck' you speak of and desire

    not trying to be a dick, just saying
  5. yea i prefer sativas, but i do like the body high with the head high. I prefer a blend although indica is good before bed
  6. Gravity bong it and you'll get fucked up.
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    How're you smoking it? I'm assuming either a joint, or a vape (since vapes are pretty much full on cleary heady highs).
    Pack a bowl or two and milk that shit...can guarantee that will give you the high you desire...if not, you're green is probably either low grade (Not meaning to offend!:smoke:), or like the above person says, try and get hold of some real body high stuff.

  8. Its some kin of purp, not sure wich strain particulerly but has lots of dark purplr patches on it, and i smoke it in a hand pipe. Ill pack my bubbler now and see how we do
  9. i smoke heavy indica all the time and im never clear minded.
  11. I definitely understand what your saying. It generally is strain itself but still could be based on a number of factors. The strains that have mostly that clear minded awareness/focus for me are; super silver haze, Herijuana, grape stomper. It my experiences it generally doesn't matter if it's an Indica, Sativa or hybrid. It also hasn't appeared to be related to Vape, smoke or edible form. Very personal and based on strain it self. In my opinion...
  12. Sometimes you just want do get couch-locked stoned and str8 dumb blazed-- instead of a creative and vibrant high. I blazed some good redwood to achieve the former type of high; blazed some good green crack to give me the latter.
  13. Totally agree with you Enjoyable H

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