I hate benching

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  1. Body Specs:
    Height: 5'11'
    Weight: 178 lbs.

    I don't hate benching because I don't like working my pectorals; I dislike it rather, because it's the cliche status quo exercise that proves how strong someone is.

    I usually bench press with dumbbells, but I switch every few months back to the barbell. My superset dumbbell routine is

    Flat Bench: 80 lbs. each hand (3 sets of 8 reps) + 35 lbs. Super set.
    Incline Bench: 65 lbs. each hand (3 sets of 7) + 40 lbs. Super set.
    Pec Flies: 55 lbs. each hand ( 3 sets of 8) + 35 lbs Super set.

    When I make the switch to the barbell I'm just God awful. I usually bench 175lbs. for (3 sets of 8)

    Benching is my weak spot, and I'm just naturally bad at it. HOWEVER, I would rival most in my strong spots which are Legs, Biceps, and Abs.

    Leg Routine:
    Leg Press: 800 lbs. (6 sets of 8 - 12 reps)
    Squats: 335 lbs. (3 sets of 6) + Superset of 225 lbs. of 10 reps
    Front Squat: 145 lbs. (3 sets of 10)
    Quad Extensions: 70 lbs. (3 sets of any many as I can do)

    Bicep Routine:
    Alternate Curl: 55 lbs. (3 sets of 7)
    Hammer Curl: 50 lbs. (3 sets of 6)
    Declined Curl: 35 lbs. (3 sets of 6)
    Reverse Curl E-Z Bar: 75 lbs. (3 sets of 6)
    21's with Dumbells: 25 lbs. each hand for 3 sets.

    So everyone has their strong points and weak points. I just hate always being asked "So, how much do you bench?" As benching is my weak point, but it's a work in progress, and just so you know. I always use clean form and good range of motion, otherwise I lower the weights.
  2. I seen how you said 'Abs" are one of you strongspots do you have
    a Nice ab woklout you could recommend me?

  3. Im not much of a fan either.. but i love doing it on a ball with dumbells thats fun.. i did alot of workouts on a ball when i was working out in a gym.
  4. An exercise is an exercise, no matter how popular it is among douche bags. The bench is a worthwhile exercise, though I prefer push ups (another popular one!).
  5. Try benching OP then follow it up with some "Diamond Pushups" Complete
    muscle oragasm
  6. Benching is not only about your pecs. It also takes you shoulders and triceps to move the weight. Try working on those two and your bench will go up. Also benching is used as a measure of strength because it takes more than just one body part to put up the barbell. The stronger your whole body is, the higher the weight you bench is.
  7. I do shoulders heavy when I do my back workout, and work triceps after I bench.

    The point I was getting at is people only care about benching and not every other aspect of working out.
  8. I hear that. And they're just bound to injure themselves doing stupid shit like that too.
  9. "So, how much do you bench?"

    So true. Even around my friends, it is like commonality to question someone else's bench press as the first and most important factor in strength. Stick with it and your results should come together. My legs were lacking alot. So I worked them out more consistently and more often and they have filled out fairly well which is pleasing.

    Could return there question with a question... How much do you squat? : P
    Caus your squat looks very nice.
    Off topic, sorry about this, but do you deadlift at all?

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