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I Hate Being Sober

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Toke4life420, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. ok this weekend totally sucked! i went to OCEAN CITY MD with the rents and i wasnt able to smoke all freakin weekend! but tonight i will smoke till i choke
  2. You sound like a noobie..i may be wrong, but i like being sober sometimes
  3. Whats up, I think being sober is a good thing, especially for short periods of time to increase the toking experience. Also if you smoke to much it can become a habit that can be a problem.


    God Made Weed, Man Made Alcohol, Who Do You Trust???
  4. yep... dont get me wrong... i love bein stoned.... but if your stoned all the time you wont get shit done... and you'll end up becoming a complete dumbass... i remember for like 2 years or so i did nothing but be stoned all day... and i dont think i did shit.... just gained like 20lbs and had half a car cause i had begun fixing it stoned and kept forgeting how to put it back together... [​IMG]....

    now adays i toke once a day at night... just to relax at the end of the day.... somethimes i do like to have a quick hit or 2 in the morning, just to out me in a more creative mindset if i dont have any obligations for the day....

    i dont beleive in god , and i hate alcohol, so i dont trust either one of em :p

  5. ditto
  6. Just remember that anything taken to the extreme becomes a weakness. Good words to live by. ;)
  7. dude ocean city sucks, way to crowded and everything although they do have some fun things there. next time try checking out & renting a house in bethana (sp?) in delaware. its only like 30 or so minute drive away from ocean city.

    ya if your stoned all the time its looses its charm and its not so special anymore it is just the norm. its fun to toke all day on special occasions or holidays or soemthing. but after awhile it will get boring. and ya you will become a complete dumbass haha ive seen it happend many a time.
  8. I admit I smoke my fair share of weed more often than I should. For example, last night a buddy of mine said "Hey I need to get rid of an ounce, know anyone buying eighth's?" I said sure so we went driving to a campus near us and started our sales. In a 5 hour period of time we smoked 16 bowls of weed. All because we smoked a bowl to sample the goods, and we matched the bowl afterwards. Those are my favorite times to smoke. Then trying to play hacky-sack afterwards was fun as hell.

    Overall I agree with you all about becoming a complete dumbass if we smoke all day every day. But an occassional all-day smoke fest is fun too :)


    (Damn I wish my seeds would hurry up and get here)
  9. There's a difference in being sober by choice and being forced into sobriety by parents. Maybe he meant being forced into it sucked? Because I wholeheartedly agree.
  10. Not being able to smoke for a week shouldn't be bad.. Hell I have smoked constantly for 6 months and then don't smoke nothing for two or three weeks..

    Just don't depend on weed to make you happy, just enlighten your happiness..
  11. the only time i don't like being sober is when i have to be!!

    other than that, i usually don't mind, i enjoy the natural highs in life too!

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