I hate bbible thumpers

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  1. Scroll down and read some of this shit

    i especially love theyre reveiw on southpark hahaha

    also gotta love the salvia reveiw

    oh,and aparently a head shop is a "Hedge shop"

  2. Christwire is a great satire site (like The Onion) Thanks for posting!
  3. I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist. You should feel the same way too.:eek:
  4. thats definitely satire, its way too out there.
  5. "It's tragic to think that the 20 bucks you loan to your son or daughter for a ‘trip to the mall” may actually be going on a drug that will lead them to a life of prostitution, disease and death."

    Yes my friend, because a 10 minute trip on salvia leads to prostitution.

    this guy is a nut
  6. "Like most dirty, harmful things that sneak into America, this Salvia takes its origins in Mexico" Ahahaha, so much humor in this site.
  7. the website is clearly supplied for parody purposes only. its funny as fuck tho

  8. Those motherfuckers are gonna burn in hell, if such a place existed. Fortunately they've created a personal hell for themselves.

    They protested at the funeral of an entire family that died in my town (murder/suicide).
  9. Oh shit, don't even get me started on bible thumping radical assholes...
  10. Daniel Wood burst into flames after police were forced to Taser him, following a high-speed foot chase. Wool was allegedly amped up on the dangerous marijuana-like vapors of aerosol.
  11. It's a parody site (I hope, for sanity's sake), so don't take it seriously.

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