i hate banks

Discussion in 'General' started by tokin jax, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I dont know about any one else but do i feel like im getting robbed with thise fucking bank bullshit? i recently bought some shit to fix my truck with my checking account online. anyways sat morning i get an email saying that the order has not been placed due to some bullshit, anyways there was still a hold for that ammount of money for 5 fucking days? why is it so hard to just settle this bullshit over a time period of that long.

    anyways, i went to go get my truck out of the shop and my check card got declined for a fraction of what is posted in my account, but due to those stupid fucking holds they cant clear up i have to skate 5 miles home through shitty jacksonville with a dead ass phone.

    sorry its just my rant, apparently due to overdraft fees, a $6 mcdonalds meal gcost $76.21 hooray for overdraft fees!
  2. Where do you bank? Have you looked into local credit unions? They can be a lot more human. For the proverbial record, I agree with you -- banks are thieves, straight up and subsidized by our own government. It sucks.
  3. that sucks. I took all my money out of the bank a few months ago and canceled my accounts. i'm holding onto all my money.
  4. Dude you should use VyStar Credit Union in Jackson-hell
  5. overdraft fees are nuts. Banks make something like half their profit from overdraft fees. 41% according to this article.
  6. Banks are a business, what do you expect?

    Anyways Wells Fargo is a great bank, great service. One time I had over $150 in overdraft feels, payed them off the next day, called them and they reversed it all 100%.

    Sometimes all it takes is a phone call.

  7. where you stay bro? lets meet up and burn 1 down at your place...

  8. Well, money is just paper so if this economy gets worse then all that money is worthless.

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