I Hate Assholes

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thegreenlantern, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the I Hate Assholes Thread.

    my main complaint against assholes is that theyre a buzzkill

    and theyre assholes.

    Thank You
  2. Hey my friend!

    I resemble that remark.

    Does that make me a bad person?? Or doesn\'t it?

    What type of asshole?

    WhY do you care?

    So many ? with no answers. Please xplain
  3. no man youre cool

    i was just letting people have a place to bitch
  4. Well!!!!!!!! No need to bitch here.

    Bitching is a useless thing on the net. How do we know people are not sitting back a laughing their asses off at the replies they are getting?

    Rule of thumb................Nobody\'s perfect!!!
  5. You goddamn little junkie! Must be needling that cannabas on your feet, I\'ll kill you if you come \'ere selling those devil drugs.

    Look! a muthafucking hippie, he girlie how\'s about if me and my pals would beat you up?!

    Satan worshippers! I\'ll kill you.

    You\'re messing with me? huh I saw you were talking to my girlfriend! Maybe I\'d show you a lesson outside!

    Goddamn faggots, I\'ll show ya!

    these were quotes from assholes I\'ve had the opportunity to meet.
  6. Arseholes is a better word........ *woah* first cig of the morning... massive headrush.

    I hate arseholes....
  7. ARSE!!!!!! reminds me of the Bob Flemming show.....

  8. LOL critter! how\'d i know you\'d say something like that?

    i agree... without our assholes we\'d have to spit our poopy back out our mouths... or we\'d just explode, lmao!

  9. ironic. this morning I was listening to this dj talk about how he wants to start a asshole rehabilitation seminar. hes an asshole himself and he has let it go to long. thats nice of him.

  10. Y\'know.. there are creatures out there that do just that....

    I believe the name of the (very small) animal is the \"Hydra\". Eats and shits from the same orifice.

    Sounds lovely.

    Some times, though, assholes have good things to say.


    Usually it\'s just flapping of the cheecks, though.
  11. yupperz budburner... jellyfish do it too... several \"less advanced\" species do :)
  12. When my arse hole speecks it sounds funny and smells like shit!

    Damn the shit it says!

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