I hate alcohol

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  1. When I drink I feel all nausiated and everything is spinning. I always tell people stupid things I wish I had never said. Ill call people up and be like, "I love you man, next time i see you I wanna give u a biiiiig kiss."(no homo) And then the next day I feel like shit.
    When I smoke though, I have control over my self and dont say stupid things and I pretty much just have a good time and eat alot. I feel relaxed, I sleep well and the next morning I feel great. I think im done with drinking, its not worth it. Plus I cant remember half the stuff I was doing. But with weed I remember everything.

    Is there anybody else here that hates alcohol and loves weed?
    Weed is natural afterall and alcohol is man made.:smoke:
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  2. i hate alcohol because it doesn't taste yummy and being drunk feels shitty to me. and the nausea. i love weed, it's yummy and wonderful.
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    I gotta say, telling dudes you wanna give them a big kiss, I don't think 'no homo' gets you out of that one. But yeah I agree with you guys, alcohol down, marijuana up.
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    To each their own. A lot of alcohol (beer, scotch, whiskey) are acquired tastes. You would have to educate your palette before really appreciating a good brew or a nice glass of scotch.

    The majority of the time I have a drink in my hand, is b/c I enjoy the taste, not just to get smashed.
  5. well normally i would never say or think about such a thing.
  6. Ehhh Alcohol every now and then isn't too bad ;)
  7. alcohol is....ok
    i would drink it if i was at party's but not regulary.
    getting twisted is pretty fking fun tho. bit scary for first timers tho.
    well i luv cranberry vodka tho best shit ever!!
  8. I enjoy the taste of bottled beer once in a while when smoking, but I don't really like liquor (don't really enjoy the heavy feeling and nausea either). I would reconsider saying alcohol is "man-made" though
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    ^^ Pour your bottled beer into a glass. It tastes far better after letting it breathe.
  10. Alcohol is found in nature all the time, that weed you are smoking was grown by a man, too, you know? Just because we have a process for mass production means it is unnatural?
  11. Will do :)
  12. I stopped getting smashed for the fun of it when I turned 19. Basically after I started toking. After that, getting drunk was just.....nauseating. The spinning, the puking, the burning...just so undesirable.

    But nothing tastes better than an ice cold beer on a hot day. Nothing.
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    I've become a beer-drinker all right, and I've been in a bad routine for a while now and I've yet to turn 21 until later this year. What I really hate is the way that if you're not drinking on a Friday you're out of the loop. It's expected in small towns (at least mine) that if anything's going on it's drinking at someone's house as usual...it just gets old sometimes when you think about the motives behind it. It's rather depressing, actually, that so many people rely on alcohol in such a way.
  14. A buzz is alright but I never really liked being drunk.
  15. Lol its the other way around with me. I hate weed a love alcohol. Theres nothing fun about sitting inside your house stoned eating food. Weed makes you anti social. Alcohol makes you social.... I basically love everything about alcohol lol. And if you regret telling your friends that you love them when your drunk never try ecstasy lmfao.
  16. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

  17. lies!!
  18. Love Alcohol.

    Love Weed.

    Dont compare the two in terms of effects on the self. Theyre different drugs.
  19. Hahahah yehh I used to be fully againt alcohol and 100% into weed for 3 years. Then i got mental problems from weed. I tried ecstasy and realized how much of my life I have wasted smoking weed. All the people who I didnt meet because I was sitting inside getting stoned. all the parties I missed because i was getting stoned... Its just like that song by afroman - because i got high lol. Alcohol and ecstasy have both helped cure my social anxiety and depression. I now have no problems meeting or talking to people. Fuck weed :)
  20. I hate alcohol, too. When I'm completely hammered I feel like total shit. The only time I'll ever drink is when I have a long day up ahead I'll put some Jack Daniels in my coffee in the morning. Also, when I was 14 I got dangerously drunk and I had to get my stomach pumped. I was more afraid of what my dad was gonna do than what the alcohol was gonna do...

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