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I hallucinate and hear things

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Crunge, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Especially when I'm high.

    I can sometimes see people out of the corner of my eye. If its night time, I'll see faces out of my window.

    I'll hear things that aren't there. I'll hear kids playing, I'll hear voices that come from who knows where.

    I don't really mind though
  2. I think I've identified the problem:

    If you see a small, square piece of paper or a saturated looking sugar cube, don't eat them, they make you see things.

    Not sure why we have to remind everyone of this so god damn often, but discussion of other drugs IS NOT ALLOWED, pretty plain and simple ~SIRSOG
  3. hmm.... experiencing the symptoms of onset of schizophrenia... does not care (also a symptom)

    probably something to get checked out man
  4. Sirsog nailed it on the head I think.
  5. Schizophrenia is a possibility, but a lot of schizos will tell you that getting high actually provides some relief from their symptoms. You definitely should get checked out though. It could be something as simple as stress/anxiety or it could possibly be something more severe.

    Good luck dude.
  6. Just the other day I was smoking in a park and the entire time I was there, I kept seeing a tall shadowy figure standing 5 feet behind me. When I turned around, it would be gone.
  7. The sounds are a little out of the ordinary. I wouldnt be worried about schizophrenia if youre living a good life and are happy . The visuals but, thats just good weed bro i use to get peripheral visuals all the time from smoking like 20 bongs in 1 sitting of some gnarly buds. Haha enjoy that shit dont condemn it.
  8. sounds wild man

  9. when he is sober it happens too, as the op says

    if you want to fuck around with a mental illness like schizophrenia, be my guest

    but there will come a time (if it IS schizophrenia) when you will lose the awareness that those hallucinations arent real, and your life will become the schizophrenia... it isnt really something to just shrug off if you have it...

    anyone who has seen someone go through advanced stages of any form of schizophrenia would know you dont fuck with the very organ that makes your reality exist

    still, could just be you are on the wild side of things, but i wouldnt fuck around with it, get a trained mental health evaluator to decide for you lol
  10. Just don't roll your loaker quit so much man.
  11. [quote name='"GreenB0y"']Just don't roll your loaker quit so much man.[/quote]

  12. Call the police d'uh.
  13. This guy knows his stuff, listen to him.
  14. I have a friend who sees robots and all weird sorts of shit pretty much all the time. He's on a couple medications and smokes weed 24/7, and he seems fine. He has said it can be distracting but he knows how to differentiate between reality and his visuals. It's a lot tougher when he's off his meds though.

    See a doctor or therapist or something. Can't be too careful with hallucinations.
  15. you just gotta chill out man. stop worrying about shit and your mind won't play tricks on you anymore. also youre probably getting high as hell too
  16. [quote name='"tastytrichomes"']you just gotta chill out man. stop worrying about shit and your mind won't play tricks on you anymore. also youre probably getting high as hell too[/quote]

    Schizophrenia doesn't really work that way. He said he hallucinates while sober, getting high just adds auditory hallucinations.
  17. i dont see other drug talk here:confused:

    but yeah sounds like schizophrenia like everyone else said, that or you just have a wild imagination

  18. if you REALLY want to play the "dumb" game, or you honestly dont know what he is talking about, then it doesnt really matter too you does it?

    Also, bringing up things we have moderated just to argue with what we said, when it isnt even you in question, is disruptive to the thread you are posting in

  19. lol the little shit got snapped.

    Best advice would be have a long t-break like 6 months at least and see if you things go back to normal then seek professional help. Also definetly avoid other drugs like stimulants they can make things alot worse. (didn't want to mention but a pretty important piece of advice concerning brain chemisty from personal experience mate)

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