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    I've been flowering for 51 days. Not all of my plants are ready to be cut, but I couldn't help but cut down the one that looked the most ready. I looked at it under a microscope, and most of the trichs are cloudy and some of them are amber. Decided to get a little practice before the big night. I'm thinking another 5 days or so and I should be good.

    Tell me what you think...

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  2. very nice.

    can you give us some info on how you grew it ? what lights ? what size area ? what did you feed them ? how many plants did you grow ? what light cycle ? how long was veg ? what did you grow them in ? what size buckets ?

    that shit looks niiice

    what strain ? what did it weigh wet ?
  3. Just noticed one of the nugs looks like a cock-n-balls hahahahaha

    Hmmm vegged (18/6) under a 400W MH for 4 weeks (too long, would have only done 2). There are 11 from clone in a 2x3 plastic tub. No pots, just rockwool and hydroton, so the roots are all growing together. Flowered for 3 weeks under the 400, then switched to 1000W HPS. Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom, with Humboldts Gravity and Cal-Mag in the later stages. Purple Erkle, and no weight check on the little test run. I'll let ya know dry in a couple days though!

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