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I had to stop visiting tha 'City for a lil while

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooSicKs, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Yep, I was forced to stop visiting tha 'City for a while, and haven't really been around much.

    Why, you ask?

    Because i've been so fuckin' busy smokin' mad quantities of weed i haven't had but 10 mins of time online in liek a week. My dad got here last week and since the minute he rolled up we been doin' nothin but chillin' and puffin mad ganj. A friend of ours came with him to visit, his first time here in my town, and he's been trippin out. He couldn't believe how cheap weed is and how much of it is around and i think he bought somethin' like 3ozs since last week, sampled tha local green from pretty much every source in town, he thinks he's in Amsterdam haha. So yeah, i've just been sittin outside on my sidewalk chillin' in my hood and puffin mad budah for like a week straight with my homies. Life is good!

  2. Awesome wish i could get the balls to ask my dad to smoke. He smokes weed and he knows i do hes helped me sort of grow but we have never smoked i dont know how did you bring it up to your dad and when did you start smoking wiht him?
  3. When I was 5 my dad taught me how to roll joints. He alsways told me that whenever i wanna get high come see him cause he gets the good shit. I never toked with him when i was a kid but i used to hang out while he was and catch contact. When i moved to where i am now i started tokin' becaue weed was so cheap and i could get good shit all the time. Now whenever he comes out here to visit just smoke mad bud and do shit like go hiking or roadtrippin' or just chillin' in tha 'hood.

    It never needed bringin' up other than bringin' up who's got tha bud and papers. But if your dad already tokes and he's cool with you tokin' just come up to him with some bomb diggity and be like, "yo dad, ya gotta try this shizzle yo, it's tha boomdig' dawg" and give him tha greenie hit.

  4. :smoking:AMN! i want your life! (i guess i shouldn't be saying that as i dont know your background, but im baked and you know what i mean!)
  5. Cow, i know what ya mean, haha, but yeah, it was a pretty gnarly path to where i am now, which i consider paradise. I'm living my dream. I almost didn't make it here tho as it took a lot of pain throughout a lot of my life before i finally said "fuck it" and followed what i WANT to do rather than what society tells me. I packed up some clothes, my bong, and my few worldly posessions which all fit into my car and drove off across the country with a few hundred bucks i had saved up. I traveled around the entire country and finally came back to where i am now, and it's the best thing i've ever done. Life is good here, simple, no cellphones, no traffic lights, ya don't even need a car unless ya gotta go out of town. It's cheap to live, and weed is everywhere and cheap. It's a challenge to go a day without getting stoned here, even if i'm outta weed i just sit on my doorstep for a little while and someone will stop by to puff a fatty. The main thing tho, for me, is that i'm truly happy with the life i live now. I have balance in my life, the bad is overcome by the good, and because of that, i can accept the bad stuff as just another experience of life, and even find happiness in the fact that i still have challenges and obstacles to surmount, even the worst has a positive aspect when you live like that. It takes a lot of what i call proactive living, in where you practice and utilize skills to live rather than just accepting what is. The world that i percieve is my own perception, and i am free to define what that perception is and take an active part in forming what the world is in terms of my own perception. (if that makes sense you're stoned)

    But anyways, the hard part is not achieving happiness, but defining it in the first place.

  6. well it took two readin throughs (haha) but i gotta, man, that's just, man you know.... cool
  7. Man thats badass, see this is why it should be legal...

    - ; )
  8. TooSicks is sssselffffish :) Or really paranoid.. or somethin. Cause he knows a lot of people here wanna know where he's at! In another post he said like.. only bombs dropped in the US in an act of war was 5 miles away. But still, that's 5 miles away. That could be out of the town or somethin.. Blah. I want some paradise..

  9. You're a good man THC101.... :)

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