I had to shit on the side of a busy road today. Emergency.

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    Oh man I could not wait one second more, my woman pulled over and I was out and crapping away in a split second.
    Bet it was funny to the passers by. " Hey look at this nut taking a shit" :laughing:
    Thank goodness for a big handful of fast food napkins.

  2. Should have opened your two side doors and used those as blockades Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. oh...i wouldve shit with my ass out the windeh at full speed probabaly haha.
  4. [quote name="phunk doc" post="19451280" timestamp="1391323938"]oh...i wouldve shit with my ass out the windeh at full speed probabaly haha.[/quote]Hahah that reminds me of a vine I saw of some dude in the car next to the guy recording's car shitting out the window. I wish I could find it again Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. I've pissed in a milkjug and a monster mega can driving, can't say I ever shit out the window...
  6. I have never shit will driving, however I am a pro at peeing in bottles while driving!!

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  7. Lol i had to do this once. I climbed a giant rock wall and shit up there. when i got back, there was a cop pulled up to my car. Told him I had to shit and he let me go LOL
  8. Lol that cop understands.
    Last time I pee in a bottle while driving. I filled it to the top and still had to pee. I dumped out the bottle while stuck in traffic, then I refilled it to the rim. If that wasn't gross enough, I'm not too accurate so the car seat and floor had piss on it. I brought my sisters car back, and gave her the keys. True story lol
  9. "YOBOGOYA!!!!"
  10. oh shit this is a funny thread lol.
    It is and it was real it was shit on the road or shit my pants. LOL I said fuck it, just like a dog will shit in a crowed I let loose.
  12. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Rat Race, but there's a scene on there where a girl shits out of a moving van and it hits a police car behind them lmao.
  13. Better get more napkins.

    Someone once said "Never trust a fart over forty"!
  14. Hahaha... This thread definitely bought some light to my day just imagining it. Thank you for that :laughing:
  15. This the face you made snoop?
  16. I had to shit in an aircraft cockpit once, the smell is still with me .....!
  17. I bet you had one proud woman ahahah! What if you didn't have those fast food napkins?
    Hey maybe if you didn't have those you wouldn't have had to take a fast food shit on the side of the road?
    Great story made me laugh my ass off.

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