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I had to admit my girlfriend to a psychiatric hospital.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GimmieMore, May 31, 2008.

  1. I'm there now. Posting from my phone.

    i'm so scared its fucking ridiculous.

    i dont know how long she will have to stay but i hope she feels better soon.

    i dont think we have spent a night apart in two years. we always sleep together, even when we're mad at each other.

    no details about why, i know, but thats too much to get into for real. i just cant do it.

    I cant live without her..... and i hope i never have to try.

    please send good vibes this way..... have us in your thoughts, and prayers if you are into that sort of thing....

    i cant smoke a cig in here and its driving me nuts. i cant even smoke in the parking lot or on the sidewalk.

    god... why this? why now?
  2. I was contemplating loading up my vape since I got off work. Now I got a reason.

    Much love headed your way, keep the city posted.
  3. Wow. Hope everything works out ok...

    Citie's sendin' good vibes your way!
  4. I was admitted into psychiatric care for an eating disorder, shit is gunna be really hard dude. My girl ended up cheating on me while I was there...pretty epic.

    But my next bowl I toke will be to you guys, I wish you the best of luck with all of this. It may seem hard, and it will be, but in the end it will be worth it.

    Much love and respect
  5. Everythings gonna be alright. What exactly did she get admitted for?
  6. I don't think it will be half as hard as dealing with the shit that will result if she didnt go........

    She's been dx'd bipolar in the past (which her current therapist thinks is wrong).

    After an argument with me she went into like a fugue....... and then she grabbed a knife and was gonna stab herself with it.

    I haven't slept in over 24hrs.

    I haven't eaten in at least 12hrs.

    The hospital we took her to in town was full, so we had to go to one in a town an hour and a half away........

    Thats so far....

    I miss my baby....But I want her to get better.

    I can't imagine trying to sleep without her for a week. This is going to be rough.

    Thanks for the support blades. We're going to need it.
  7. You did the right thing, you know that. Try and focus on the future, this is just something you will both have to go through... just try and look after yourself in the meantime so you can be there for her, get some sleep and food. I'm sure it will help her endlessly knowing that you're doing your best and looking after yourself.

    I don't know what else to say man, just hang in there.
  8. Its just so far away.....

    It was very hard to get her to go. I had to swear to her I wouldn't leave her... that I wouldn't let her be alone. And now shes an hour and a fucking half away??? How do i keep that promise?? My car isn't safe to drive across town much less to the next one...

    oh god...why



    I think i'm gonna smoke a blunt and go to sleep. Or try to at least. I did have a 30 min nap in the car. And now I'm wide awake again. I'm not hungry... in fact I thought about eating and it made me feel sick.

    I still feel sick.


    it hurts so much to watch the person you love more than life hurt so badly. To be in so much pain. I wish I could take it away... even if it was to transfer to me I would do it... I love her that much.

    They made her take off her necklace, the engraved dogtag I gave her 2 years ago that shes never taken off asince....... so I'm wearing it. I hold it an think of her. And cry.

    And cry.
  9. I woke up, and immediately came to this thread..

    There's not much I can say or do that can help. I hope all of this works out for the best for both of you. It took true love to be able to take her there even though you both didn't want to.

    My thoughts and prayers go out for you to, and this wake and bake bowl will be for you also. Hell, make it two. Be sure to inform us.

  10. thanks Reggin

    I have my blunt... but I can't go to sleep... I have to stay up long enough to call both of ours jobs... at least another 45mins to an hour.

    I've never wanted to cry on my mothers shoulder so badly.......
  11. Aww, this is making me all sad seeing a fellow blade in a bad time, i hope everything goes well for the both of you.
  13. Best wishs man, I really hope that things get well asap. Next bowl is for you guys.
  14. First off Im bipolar myself, and Ive been in a psych ward, that was a few years ago and I feel alot better today. I would say it was probally one of my biggest life chaning experiences, little things remind me of it on a daily basis, it makes me appreciate life more, still stressed me out thinking about it however.

    Basically what happened was my parents lied to me about taking me to a rehab place after I admitted to smoking and taking vicodin after I made my dad promise to not take any drastic measures. I got home from the meeting and kinda flipped out trashed a bunch of stuff like my tv and computers simply because they were pissing me off, I also tried to fight my family when they tried to keep me from going to my car to go for a drive, they called the cops on me. I was cuffed taking to the hospital (laying in my own bed none the less), spent a day and a half in the ER before getting a real room.

    For me the worst part of it was being taking out of my life (I was a senior in HS at the time) for two weeks straight against my will. One thing to note is that they take almost everything from you, you can't have anything sharp, can't have any shoe laces or cords, even the mirrors in the bathroom are actually metal plates bolted to the wall.

    Atleast at the one I was at you had to follow some bullshit schedule talk about stupid shit and talk to mad doctors its real fucked up. We all had to have group discussions about shit I couldn't have cared any less about.

    My best advice is to visit as much as you can, or at the very least call her alot. Also something thats really important is to try to keep things stress free for a few weeks atleast after she gets home, if shes mad about something dont argue. Also if theres a specific issue that made her depressed or whatnot, try to avoid talking about it.

    I remember after the two most stressful weeks of my life I got home and it didn't even feel like home, more like a hotel or something.

    The doctors and medical team will keep her safe, I would think shes probally stressed out, most people are there. However some people actually like it becuase its better than there lives outside, which is sad in itself.

    Shes alot safer in there than outside it, althought its probally a extremely stressful situation for everyone involved.
  15. GL with that man, gonna go smoke a bowl for you
  16. You're a good boyfriend, she's lucky to have you. Stay by her side!
  17. im smoking this J to you brother
  18. Thanks everyone.

    Thanks to you too, but I'm her girlfriend... more like her wife really.
  19. Hope she's doing okay GimmeMore! Keep us updated.
  20. man im keeping you and your girl in my thoughts and prayers. stay strong and there is always tomorrow.

    good luck, keep us updated.


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