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I had my first Blackout last night after a 2 week T-Break...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shadyonedeath, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. It was weird. Some guy was bugging me at a show and when I got that "mad" adrenaline feeling I started to get a black out. I couldn't see anything for about 10 seconds. After regaining my vision, all I could hear was a loud ringing sound.

    The emotions I was feeling was ridiculous. First of all, I was scared shitless because I almost fell over if it wasn't for my buddy looking out for me. I felt like I was anticipating the black out the whole time, as if my mind was still conscious while losing control of my body/senses. Secondly, I found it amusing this was happening to me. It was that feeling you get when something really scary happens but you over come it and start laughing about it because it was so "fun" to feel that rush so to speak.

    Anyone else have one of these?

    We had two bowl hits of Chemdog...real sticky stuff. T-breaks are no joke. :(
  2. I want some of what you're smoking on. :cool:
  3. werd. i deff need some of that shit lmfao.
  4. its Cali medical from LA. On Vernon.

    I've been researching Chemdog in the StashJar and apparently it's a heavy hitter. 50$ for an 1/8th.

  5. may have just been the weed....

    but...when you "came to" where you sweating alot? and kinda week for a bit?
    when you felt it "come over you" was it like it kindda closed in round you?
    like a hum or vibration all thru your body?
    maybe an odd taste? maybe not....
    see or hear anything odd during this time...on you way out to speak?

    did it feel like it had all happened before?but you dont know when?

    almost like a head rush when you stand up to fast ...only it kept more and more intense till you were out?
  6. When I came to my senses...I felt really cold in my face. Then about 15 seconds later, my face was burning up, as if someone was aiming a hairdryer at me. Soon after that, I was fine. Everything that was 'scary' went away. Whole dilemma lasted about 3 minutes.

    I didn't smoke alone, and I was the only one in the group who was coming back from a t-break.

    What are you trying to say about being the weed? just wondering
  7. it could be that you hadent smoked in awhile -like you said- and you may have just gotten really high.....not meaning it was something wrong with the weed at all.....

    if none of the rest of what i asked applied to what happened to you- it is most likely thats all it got really really high!;)

    when you say your face was hot.....was there alot of sweating? i do mean alot......
  8. Nah, nothing like you had said. I wasn't tripping out or anything. But thanks for helping me figure it out lol
  9. all:smoke:
  10. it sounds like you could have had a panic attack or something, or you just got a bit too high.

    when you go on a t-break and you smoke again for the first time, just smoke a small amount. smoke a little bit and then smoke more if you want to. don't smoke too much at once because sometimes even a short break can lower your tolerance quite a bit.
  11. Just be grateful it lasted ten seconds, and not twenty minutes. When I first started smoking at a young age, I had a panic attack/blackout that lasted for twenty minutes and, believe me, it was the worst and longest twenty minutes of my life. Atleast you didn't fallover and get trampled also. That would've been a disaster.
  12. Omg this is exact whet happened to me but he happen like 4 or 5 times where my vision started slowly fading and thten it would go completely black for like 2 secs then I would regain vision and all the things I heard sound distorted with that loud fining noise in the background but when it sat down it wouldn't happen but then I just blackout on the couch lol I hope at was understandable cuz can't really type while high
  13. I'm still wating for the stuff to happen. The worst I've gotten was a racing heart rate and some leg twitches from some sativa dominant hash.
    You kids get all the cool reactions:(
  14. thats happened to me twice before, once at a rave, and once at a party. For me it was just being around so many people, and i just wasn't used to it. all through the summer i was used to toking with maybe 3-4 people, just small groups, and all of a sudden being surrounded by people while baked was overwhelming. still not sure why it happened but it was the same thing you're describing both times.

    Never been shell shocked, but the feeling afterwards was kinda like what i think it'd be, kinda dazed and couldn't hear much but a loud ringing.
  15. i've had 2 one where i knew it was happening freaked out as shit went black ringing overcame my ears and i fell over on the way through the school halls then came back and was in that IMMA FUCKIN G mood lol
    but never from weed?...
  16. #16 shadyonedeath, Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2010

    It's not really something i'd look forward to man...I smoke to have fun in a positive mood, not disrupt my body's equilibrium. Sounds ironic but trust me, this isn't something I would go around chasing, Ever.

    I'm not scarred(edited, meant scarred) by it, I feel normal right now, It's just that losing that impenetrable connection between your mind and body is scary thing to experience; especially when its unexpected.
  17. i dont think its to scary...
    of situation is a bit different then yours....

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