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I had hallucinations? Kind of? Wtf?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Alright alright yesterday I smoked some pot and the weed we got from our dealer is the best shit we've ever tried.

    So there I am at night at a park and high with my friend, I close my eyes half way (so you don't see very good but still see shapes and so), and first everything is blurry as it should, but slowly shapes start be less and less blurry and they get sharpen.

    I was at the main path and there were some trees and lights, these trees started to either disappear or turn into palm trees and the lights turned into torches with fire, it seemed like if I was in a temple, the sky was red and every thing was extremely calm and cool. And there I was walking my way through this path in this temple.

    Have you guys ever experienced something similar?

    If not, try it, close your eyes half way and... Magic, weed will interpret things for you.

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  2. That's nothing. I've been Catherine the Great. ;)
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  3. i can hallucinate in the dark without any drugs if im outside long enough. Campfires are pretty trippy at night too

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  4. Wait what?

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  5. I visualize things sometimes usually just something in my subconscious mind like memories or colors n shit or I'm able to just zero in on something i may be doing
    I think i just take my mind where i wanna be really, maybe...idk

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  6. Yeah, I had experienced vivid thoughts on marijuana, they were thoughts but seemed more "real" being still thoughts and not hallucinations.

    This, I could see it though, literally see it, it wasn't just a vivid thought.

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  7. possible without anything but sleep deprivation for me but it's random.

    My thought is you are somehow tapping into alpha waves/trancing but I have no way to prove that.

    Have experienced that on weed multiple times, Each time it was from a Sativa. Music brings it out more ime, or a lot of shadows like a fire. I can sort of force that sober but it just flows with weed.

    Definitely interesting. Closer to delirium than anything else.
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  8. Thats crazy but not unbelievable lol just don't freak out and have a bad trip lol
  9. I wasn't freaking out, it's difficult to explain.

    I was in control of what was happening at every moment (if I opened the eyes everything was normal).

    To try it, next time you smoke close your eyes half way so you can see the lower part but not as detailed as usually because your eyelids are covering your vision.
    As you can't see the upper part and the lower part is a bit blurry, your brain starts to come out with what it thinks there is, so it turns things into other things and so.

    Similar to optical illusions where your eye gives shape to something but here is way more vivid and yes, seems real.

    Still, if you open your eyes fully again everything's back to normal and you're in control (as much control you have while high) as when you are just high.

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  10. I had intense cevs of flying over a forested mountain range covered in snow. Another time I saw something like a mayan statue. (I don't know if there is something like that but the word stuck)
    I even saw Buddha and Neptune drawn in tree branches wrestle. It wasn't just weed I had taken though
  11. Some mushrooms or LSD?

    My "hallucinations" (if you wanna call em like that) weren't that ... Big haha.

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  12. That was some fine acid. I always like to remember that evening. Little is as impressive as having a music visualizer in your head. Oh wait I wasn't supposed to write that so if a mod sees it I was talking about sulphur acid
  13. Shit I was talking about mushrooms you eat with the food (sure) and LSD is Low Sun Dances (sure, sure).

    Anyways, I remember the first time on marijuana I could see the music notes in my head with color, really weird still cool sensation.

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  14. Nice experience imo. It's strange to me that you all just assume these types of things are hallucinations. Some call such things shamanic visions. Not many people can experience what you described. Ask a real Rastafarian prophet what he think your 'hallucinations' are...
    It could be because of your 3rd eye. It was probably just a vision into your future mayne. Maybe you're planning on moving to the forest....
    Check out a preview of my book and the website. It might be of interest to you...


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  15. I'm not religious or very spiritual but I appreciate your point of view, and sure I was going to camp out with some friends (though we aren't finally).

    Those may not be hallucinations but very very very vivid thoughts, though if so, they were merging with my vision as I was seeing it not just thinking about it.
    It was like suddenly my view range augmented, loved it.

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  16. Interesting. Most people don't get that I don't think. I've asked. Some do but most people people look at me like I'm strange when I bring that up. But I know there are others. Ain't no doubt in my mind.

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  17. I get "hallucinations" as well when I get super high... Has to either be dark or my eyes closed though. First time I got absolutely shit faced on weed outside my first time getting high(edible) it was night and I was in a clearing surrounded by trees and shadows. The trees and shadows seemed to blend in together and I couldn't tell what was 50 feet away and what was 5 feet away. Sadly I freaked out because at the same time some theatre group or something was practicing and I thought I was watching a cult about to sacrifice a lamb or something. Took away from the whole experience because I was more focused on getting the fuck outta dodge before I was sacrificed to Cthulu or some shit. You think I'm joking but I saw these theatre kids practice many a time after in the same place and they had some seriously fucking weird practice routine. Part of me still believes that they were really part of a cult.

    I've had multiple times past that, close my eyes and I'll see flashes of lights and feel my brain pulse, sometimes I see my conscious in a physical form(kinda like in a movie where you talk to the little demon and angel you on your shoulders) but I wouldn't call those real hallucinations since my mind does that on its own and weed just makes me personify it.

    I don't think weed hallucinations really count as hallucinations because I feel true hallucinations effect all levels of the mind and not only can you see the change, you feel the presence of the change. I may see my conscious when high, but I was shaking hands with him after ingesting some perfectly fine portebellos I bought at Walmart.
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  18. I'm stoned i tried and all i see are my eyelashes lol
  19. Get baked off your ass(if you aren't already) and lie down in bed with the lights off and close your eyes. Just let go of your body and focus on the tingle and pulses in your mind. Just let your mind wander. You can try doing this with or without ambient-style music of your choice. Sometimes i like Native American flutes, sometimes I like chill step, and sometimes I like the Minecraft soundtrack¯\_(ツ)_/¯. All you. But this is what I do when i actively seek weed "visuals". All in my head, what I see is comparable to a lucid dream only I'm awake.

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