I had full control of my Lucid Dream for the first time in years!

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  1. Hey blades! So I lucid dream semi often, and I haven't been in control for years, like maybe 5 years or something. Last night it happened!!! But it didn't last that long, maybe 5 seconds or 10 seconds is all I can remember. I vaguely remember being in some kind of argument, and I just got tired of it, and that's when I realized I was just dreaming and I realized I could do anything I want. Instantly I shot up into the sky like fucking super man, I was going to so fast, it was insane. Like I was strapped to a rocket or something, I could feel the air smashing against my face and a HUGE G-force pushing against me but it didn't hurt.

    Even though it was short, it felt amazing! I hope I can do this soon.
  2. That is cool, but your post makes me curious about two things. First, how do you define lucid dream? Second, how do you define full control?
  3. Me too, I didn't have complete control over them for a year now, a couple of days ago though, I had a lucid dream. I was in a town square, watching some cops talk and people passing by. I noticed it was a dream and I started to look at my hands and my surroundings. It looked very much like Inception. Everyone inside the dream was my brain projecting itself. It was so crazy, like virtual reality.
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    Yea it's fucking crazy it's like another world, sometimes when I "wake" up from a dream it's not like I'm waking up at all, it's like I'm transitioning from one realm to another. :eek:

    Lucid dreaming is where your aware that your dreaming, to me it's sort of like I'm awake but in a dreamy haze. Full control as in I could do what ever I want, fly around, make anything, etc...
  5. ^ I always feel that way too, my dreams are usually so realistic and intense I usually remember a good amount of what happened too because its that crazy of a dream.

  6. I can 100% relate man, it's so hard when it's happening to realize it's a dream 'cause it seems so damn real.

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