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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bud Head, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Well folks I had to go to the hospital this morning at three oclock. I had another mild heart attack. This is getting to be a real fucked up situation. My dr. showed up at the emergency room at 4:15 and and give me some nitro pills and sent me home. Now I have to keep the nitro pills on me at all times.

    At 1:20 today I got a nose bleed that took a little over a half hour to get it to stop. Called the Dr. to see what to do. He told me to lay down and keep calm and relaxed. He has scheduled me for test on friday the 29th. He is going to do an artiereo gram<(spelling).

    If i act a little pissed off or smartassed please don't take it to heart. I am just having a hard time with life right now.

    Love ya all,
    Bud Head
  2. Damn, Bud Head. I wish I could be there to hold you and help you through this very scary time. Please know that you are in my thoughts every day, and if there is anything ya need, you know how to get ahold of me. Try to do as the doc said and keep as calm as possible. Good Luck and love ya lots!


  3. Advice from Ralph Wiggum "The doctor siad I wouldn't have as many nose bleeds if I kept my finger out of it."

    Hope you feel better!
  4. Stony you are a friend till the end. Lets hope that means years to come. I pmed you so you know more!

    Critter you are my hero friend. I always know i can count on ya to make things better!
    Yea that was a heart joke! I have to joke to be able to relax.

    Deadhead i wish it had been my finger. Problem is I was sitting here watching the boob tube and it just started bleeding. The DR. said it might have been from the nitrro pill. Not being used to them.

    I will try my damnest to be here when i'm a hundred years old!!!!!

    Thanks all
  5. Dr. 420girlie says to smoke some weed and call me in the morning ;) Just kiddin', you just need to lay off the sex ;)

    I'm hopin' for the best and sending you what little good karma I have, hope it helps.
  6. Good Karma {deadhead}--------->{bud head}
    Nitro pills sound explosive :eek:

    I'm tired but I can't sleep.
  7. dang budhead ive been so wrapppedup in myself, im sooo sorry.
    "relax" easier said than done, i sincerly hope your in a situation where you can. being calm should be easier. (i hope) take good care of yourself, i have a feeling your a take care of other people kinda guy, many thoughts, goodwishes and hugs. (you dont want any kisses,...see 'boy pee'd on my toothbrush the other day,hehe)
  8. Damn scary stuff Bud Head, we will keep you and your's in our thoughts and prayers!! I had an Angina attack about 3yrs ago that was really scary. My wife freaked a lil' when I said I'd go to the Hospital, that NEVER happens to the ol' stubborn cowboy, but I was scared!! I gotta laugh tho', the Dr. gave me the strongest zanax they make and I got waaayy HIGH!! My wife says I was laying in the bed, moving my hand back and forth to my mouth like I was munchin' something.She asked what I was doing, and I GIGGLED "I'm eatin' chocolate cake!!" LOL :smoking:.....Prayin' for ya man!! DO WHAT THE DOC TELLS YA TO DO!!! Not enough of us FOF's round here to lose one LOL :smoke:
  9. Hey bud,

    Please take it easy, take the rest you need and deserve.

  10. I feel better this evening. I have been fucking off working today. I didn't get a lot done but at least i made a showing on my jobs. I had to go this morning to do the blood wrok again. Now we'll have to see what my DR. has to say friday.

    I'll keep you posted!
  11. Bud Head I am sorry to hear about your heart attack!! :(
    Hope you are feeling on the up and up, I'll be sending some good karma and best wishes your way ~~~ hope ya feel the good vibes.
    Take care of yourself and keep relaxed ! If there's anything we can do for ya, even from far away, let us know!
  12. I guess good vibes is what i am feeling. I know i'm feeling better than i was!

    I am relaxing now while visiting my friends here at the city!!
  13. Keep on keepin' on Bud Head!!! I'm sure ya know that ALL the Blades are trying to do your worrying for ya, so try to stay relaxed. Work will still be there when ya get feeling back up to snuff!!!
  14. Gosh take care of yourself and think good thoughts. Youll pull through this. Everyone here will be pulling for you thats gotta do something. =)

  15. Got a call from the doc today. He said that the Chloresterol medication he gave me is wroking a little too good. It seams that meds are loosening the plaque in my arteries too quick. That is causing large pieces of plaque to flow through my veins instead of dissolving it. Doc thinks a large piece must have got caught in one of the valves of my heart causing my heart attack. I still have to go see him tommorrow for another stress test or maybe even an arterio gram.

    I'll keep you guys and gals up to date.
  16. Ohhh.....I see, sounds like ya just need a oil change and a Tune-up!! LOL ....BEWARE the Lube job!!!!!!

    Maybe now Doc can get ya back on Track!! BPP & I will drink a Toast to your health tonight on Bourbon St. :smoking:

    Next year you'll have to join us!!
  17. budhead, i hope everything goes well for you, and just rememeber that you have a lot of people thinking about you and praying for you. Take care.
  18. Hey BH!!!!!! This really sucks!!!! Definatly take it easy!!! My dad has had a couple small heart attacks. He watches his diet now and (tries) to get out and take walks in the evenings. He had to get a grip on his stress level also. (((((((Budhead)))))))))). Peace, dude.
  19. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Hope you get back to good soon.
  20. well definitely keep us updated Bud Head...
    more best wishes being sent your way, along with some massive
    ((((( hugs )))))

    rest easy this weekend!
    did they take you off the meds that are working TOO well & replace 'em for ya, or??

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