i had a very adult talk with my dad.

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  1. About marijuana I did. I told him that the government is about to legalise marijuana really soon, California's about to and put tax and sell it legally just like Amsterdam. and how the gov, will make billions of dollars a year if they legalise it and tax it, Go to the store buy a 8th. pure best grown stuff. Just like Amsterdam and oaksterdam. and yet they still dont think it will help the gov, in any way, and also the other stuff they can make from marijuana.hemp, medicans, seed oils, natural products for cosmetics, well they do this already but, Think if they did legalise it, less people in jails, more money for gov. the personal money that people can make growing and selling to stores that need weed,hemp and other products.

    and yet they laughed at me, and think im crazy.
  2. Well at least you tried.

    Some people are just impossible to get through to.
  3. its mostly the old people and the older generation. that got brought up in the time of the propaganda of how bad it was.
  4. [​IMG]
    that's what its all about right there

    the friendly stranger, haha
  5. just wait till it happens then you can laugh at them!
  6. I know. and i will. Ill take a blunt and go AHAH, just like nelson from the simpsons.

  7. Thats just silly. Insanity. No. reality is insanity. Im sane when im stoned.
  8. [quote name='SpiceMadeOfLife'][​IMG]

    "This may be handed you by the friendly stranger..." Where they high when they wrote this shit? I mean that doesn't even sound intelligent. :confused:
  9. so is your dad more than one person? or maybe an organization codenamed D.A.D., all things to think about...

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