i had a total stoner geek moment. "you're the devil"

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  1. Ok, so i was smoking with my brother at his house because my parents were aruging and i didn't feel like hanging around listening to that. We smoked some of his medicinal shit and we both got pretty stone. I smoked two bowls on my own, and my brother did an entire bong bowl on his own, but he was already stoned before i got there.

    Later, i was drawing with my brother. I didnt know what to draw so i decided to use a ruler to mark lines on the paper and used the ruler to create some half assed grid while i got the chance to just think about shit. My brother sees it and we talk about this idea of making a pencil enlargement of a picture and frame it.

    He asks me, "how do you enlarge a picture, show me."

    "Ok, wait..."

    "no, just draw something and show me how you enlarge it, how you make it bigger."

    "ok, its kinda complicated though."

    "Go, show me."

    I get a piece of paper and pen and draw a square, and then I draw a bigger square next to it. I write a ratio of 1:2 and the i told him to assume that if the picture was 4x6, you would have to make it an 8x12 in. Drawing for it to scale up like that.

    This is something pretty hard to just think about out of nowhere, especially when your pretty high on medical. Im hasitly drawing out diagrams and fractions down while trying to explain how the process works. i must of really flown over his head, he looked so confused and lost, like i was speaking an alien language.

    "What the hell man!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Man, you're the devil" he gets a big smile on his face and gets up laughing. His wife came in and she giggled because my brother called me the devil.

    "Babe, listen to this. Player2, tell her how to enlarge a picture."

    I was really confused at this point, i didn't know if he meant that in a good way or a bad one. At any rate, i started laughing. I just realized that i must of sounded like the dorkiest person ever trying to talking about fractions and ratios while your high to someone else whos high and didn't exactly excell at math in school.

    My folks call, so i had to head home, i said goodbye to my brother and left home. Man, hanging out with your siblings really make you realize a lot about you in a way your friends dont do as easily.

    The Devil
  2. Pics or it didnt happen
  3. Well that sounds pretty funny. I have a feeling it was a had to be there type of moment

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