I had a panic attack yesterday. Here's how I beat it. Warning you kinda have to embarrass yourself.

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  1. If you're like me then having a panic attack is not being dramatic. It is your heart beating a billion times per minute and your body whispering in your ear that you are about to drop dead. Rest assured you're not *cough* *cough* especially if it's the result of too many edibles.

    The truth is you don't need to be looking up all of those breathing videos on YouTube. They may in fact and hopefully do help but sometimes your body begins to tell you that you need to use a certain technique or your body will collapse in on itself. So what I did yesterday when I began to hyperventilate and my body was twitching? I LET IT HAPPEN. I let myself have fun.

    First things first is nobody watching? Good. Close the shades. Now dance. Don't think too hard about it just dance and let your body do what is absolutely natural.

    You need a mantra. What I sang to myself over and over while dancing was "Just accept it. This has to happen. Just accept it. This has to happen. Just accept it. This has to happen etc." SMIlLE while you do this it works. Trust me it is a lot of faking it to make it.

    Some people try exercising but with this you're still desperately trying to get your body to stop dying. No. when you have fun you lose yourself. When you dance naturally and have a lot of fun you begin to let yourself live. I hope this works for you and if you can't even stand realize that you don't have to move around restlessly or breath so hard it's just your body trying to protect you so it's best to go with it instead of trying to escape it. :)
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  2. Same thing as my advice, but you can do something less...embarrassing. Just distract your mind. It won't be easy, just as dancing in the midst won't be. But once you get zoned into the distraction, your panic attack will disappear. So fight whatever anxiety you're getting while you're trying to distract yourself, keep telling yourself to focus on what you're doing no matter how bad the anxiety may feel, and chug through it until you're totally focused on whatever activity distraction you chose.

    For me, it's watching youtube videos and netflix. For someone else, it may be something else. This has worked every single time for me, I haven't had a panic attack since, and I've stopped 3 from happening.
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  3. This is helpful too. Yesterday I was getting to the point where I couldn't even get myself to look at my laptop so I forced myself out of bed. There was no sleeping it off too.
  4. Sometimes you have to learn to fight it. That's a real key. Some people just throw their hands up in the air and surrender to the anxiety. That's how full-blown panic attacks happen. Yes, it will get hard, and I 100% totally get the uncontrollable thinking (especially about what you don't want to think about), but that's the whole point of distracting yourself. May be rough the first couple minutes, maybe even longer, but once you DO get focused on whatever activity distraction you choose, you beat the panic attack.
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  5. Hyperventilating is not good. You're depriving your brain from oxygen. Maybe exercise? Yes

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