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I had a highdea *how to smoke wasted hash oil in a vaporizer*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Green Toker, May 13, 2011.

  1. #1 The Green Toker, May 13, 2011
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    Well I was sitting in my room lookin at some hash oil threads when it hit me, what about the oil still stuck to the pan? Then I remembered a little trick I do to smoke vape honey from my vaporizer. Let me explain. The glass elbow piece on my V-tower extreme vaporizer collects a lot of "vape honey" over time. I wondered how I could get this out and smoke it. I stuck a Q-tip up there and cleaned her out. I then picked the cotton off the q-tip and put it in my vape. Don't worry, cotton doesn't burn at marijuana vaporization temps.

    Back to the oil at the bottom of the pan. You guys with vaporizers out there need to use this method or use a cotton ball. You could use this and get ripped off the stuff you thought you couldn't smoke.

    btw the q-tip thing,yea that was another one of my highdea's. :smoke:
  2. if i want to clean my oil dome, your saying i could use my q-tip and then just what, drip it off?

  3. You just stick the q-tip in there, turn your fingers clockwise while staring at the clock. For 5 second wash the oil away. Pick the cotton off the q-tip and put the white fluff in the vape.

    and get :smoking:

  4. Interesting, thanks for the help.
  5. Glad to post, have fun getting stoned ;);)
  6. Everyone should know about this easy awesome method!
  7. dude good call. if i had a source of oil and still had a vape i'd try this.
    edit: +rep for the good idea
  8. I'm gonna test this out soon. I might be makin hash oil and i just ordered my vaporizer replacement parts.
  9. I just got my vape fixed and put about 10 bowls in the thing so far. Just cleaned it out loaded the hashcotton, turned on Rubber 2010 movie. Man I'm about to get stoned.
  10. You should get a video of this in action.
  11. Will do! once i smoke a few more bowls out of the vape so i can get some honey built up.:smoke:

  12. Hahaha....

    Whatever floats your boat lol.

    :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:
  13. #13 The Green Toker, Jun 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2011
    I love this method and are going to continue to use it. I could possibly get a video of me doing it soon if people think I'm trollin...
  14. Does this work? I have a pool of this "honey" sittin in the elbow of my vape!

  15. Read what people say... seriously.

    Don't ask a question thats answered right above you.
  16. I'd rather not ever put cotton in there just to be sure lol

    But if you easily want to clean your glass bell / dome / whatever, use heat. It will come right off, if you have a torch or whatever you can use that just keep it far from the glass but close enough to get the shit out.

    I personally use a titanium swing and have found even with massive use it really doesn't build up all that much reclaim, so I don't even clean the bell only the bong and the downstem which gets gunked up with 'claim (but has water in it) you could cook with that if you wanted or something, I just throw it out. I know if you're using a dome it gets quite a bit reclaim pretty quickly, I would just use hot water to clean it out and cook with it.
  17. yea, the burn point of cotton is in the 400's (410 F, with auto ignition being much higher at 765 F) so its just above what most people would vape at, however, it is clearly states, "oily cotton" has a MUCH lower autoignite temp, im not sure if that applies to natural oils in cotton.... or if cotton is coated in any oils.... but it seems that the heating of oil with cotton lowers its required heat temp to combust it...

    However again, i dunno if thats any oil, or natural oils... i dont honestly know what its referring to... but i would be careful hahahahahah

    But it says the "autoignition temperature of oily cotton is 120 C (248 F)" which would mean, if this applies to any oil.... you could easily combust the cotton... but who knows.....

    Razors make getting anything left in the dish pretty easy to remove lol, or just soaking it in iso really quick if you actually cant get it, letting it dissolve pouring onto flat surface (a dish preferable, not like a table.....) and then using the razor also makes it pretty easy hahahahha

    Op, what temp do you vape at?

  18. Id rather collect and smoke it. I just used the torch method to get .3 out of my skillet in oil. Been doing that with the dome, the adapter for the dome, and the skllet for awhile now. Much better then resin thats fer sure.
  19. Yeaaah, I wouldn't wanna stick a q-tip in a vape, that's just me:wave:
    I'd rather dip said oily q-tip in some iso to get it off the cotton and then let it evaporate and then do whatever I'd normally do with the oil.

  20. <3 iso for so many reasons.

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