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I had a grand day...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stupidstoner, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Well I did have a grand day... but weirdly I was spending the day at my parents . So before I tell you why I had a grand day I will tell you what the hell I was doing at my anti-weed parents house. Well I can rarely go food shopping because I have lots of things to do everyday, so this morning i ran out of milk, cereal, poptarts, and my fucking kool aid mix which was really a kick in the balls. So I called my grandma and asked if I could come and get some kool aid mix from her which she gave me which made me happy.

    But I still needed food, and deciding that i wanted to see my parents maybe have some breakfast. So I call and ask if I can come over and I am cheerily invited. So ,knowing that I could never eat everything my dad would make for me, I toke up when I get to the edge of the neighborhood where my parents live.

    So I'm nice and toasty when I arrive. I go and knock on the door and I'm in complete control of myself except I had munchies like none other:rolleyes: So we go and sit at the table and my dad serves everyone. I had bacon, eggs, and some fried potatoe stuff... and I was very happy and enjoyed it.

    So after breakfast my dad told me he has gotten into a habit of going out back ,sitting on a chair facing the woods behind the house, and tanning. So I figure I'm in for a tan and ask if I can join him. He says sure. So I walk out back since im already wearing shorts and take my shirt off and put a chair out back. My dad comes out wearing shorts and has no shirt and sits down next to me. So we just talked about how things are with politics and how everything is in our personal lives.

    So after about an hour of conversation my dad brings up the topic of weed. Well usually my family never talks about it but today my dad wanted to discuss it. So we spent another hour on that subject. I made no progress convincing him but I did have a good time talking to my dad.

    Well after being out there for another hour of conversation we go in and my mom says she and my dad were going to take a bike ride in a park about a mile away and asked if I wanted to join them. So I say sure, rush back to the apartment, get my bike, and rush back. This took up the better part of the day and it was tiring but a good work out. At the end of the ride is was about 5 or 5:30 so we go back to their house and we watch king kong(longest movie ever about three and a half hours). So at 9 i leave and go to my apartment and took a brief nap. Now I'm awake and remembering my nice day
  2. its like, sometimes i seriously hate my family and say shit i dont mean and really shouldnt say... but really, inside, i love them and would love to have that friendship connection with them. if i wasnt a conformist and too worried about what other people think about me. in the end, Blood is thicker than Water
    -One Love

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