I had a dream that I died.

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    Yep. These like SWAT like people stormed my neighborhood. My Brother in law and I were basically fighting them off. My brother in law committed suicide. I went to my parents house to see if they were okay, and I told them there were a couple of those SWAT people in the garage. I went in the garage and was shot and killed.

    I saw like a birdseye view of their house, then I woke up crying.

    What the fuck does this mean? Me and my BIL both died, and I woke up crying because I knew my parents were going to be killed.

    Dreams like this never usually happen. And my BIL is suicidal which is the freakiest part. I don't know man, I'm sure it's nothing, but... shit.
  2. Damn homey. I used to wake up from a dream that guys in a van would chase me down into my garage and toss this tub of acid on my back. Exciting stuff!
  3. Last Nite,I dreamed I had mad sex (Dunno why) but it was nice:eek:
  4. Dying was actually kinda nice
  5. Funny, I had a dream that I killed you!:devious:
  6. I've died plenty of times in my dreams...When it happens I just wake up in my bed

    Who knows...maybe when I die forreal I'll wake up in my dreams... :smoke:
  7. and it wasn't like I started to fall off a cliff and immediately woke up. I actually saw my dead body lying there.
  8. i had a dream where i was commited suicide by jumping off of a cliff, and i watched myself die in the dream. there were police, people crying, and the second i died in the dream i thought "fuck i shouldnt have done that"
  9. I had a dream I died once, it was awesome.
  10. I had a dream during which I was stabbed in the arm and bled out. after I knew I had died, I was picturing myself from a third person view. I had that dream as a kid, and ever since that day, I always picture my memories from the third person looking at myself perform whatever memory was occurring.
  11. Woah that's cool. I do the same thing. Except I don't know what triggered myself to start doing it.
  12. I never die in my dreams! I always wake up before... You all get that dream where you're falling, and just before you hit the ground, you wake up shocked, right? I have that, and its always me falling down the stairs at my house.

    I never remember dreams, either. I've only remembered three in my life, vividly -- once was that falling dream, down the stairs... Only just before I was about to hit the ground, instead of waking up, this ripped dude (looked like Juggernaut from X-Men, haha) jumped up out of nowhere and swung at me with an axe!

    The other two - I once dreamt I was riding a giant snake-like dragon with everyone I ever loved, flying over Tokyo. Everyone was having fun, shit was cool.

    And lastly, when I was in Spain, I dreamt that the floor of my room was covered in snakes, and they were coming to attack me... But then I realised I was dreaming, and it became sort of a lucid dream - I knew they couldn't hurt me, so I started messing around with my environment. That was by far the most unusual dream, when I felt like I was controlling myself, playing a character.

    If there is a God, dreaming was definitely one of his cooler ideas...
  13. Well if your BIL is indeed suicidal then its not too much of a surprise that he killed himself in your dream..

    Dreams are just your sub-conscious projected, obviously you've had thoughts about your BIL killing himself so that's why it popped up in your dream, and as for you dying idk.. we've all had thoughts of dying or being killed. It was just another dream with an appropiate theme for what your sub-conscious wanted to project that night I suppose

    Dont sweat it :)
  14. Man It's just a DREAM I had a dream I was Elvis and crackheads were trying to sell me popcorn .....:/
  15. I once had a dream that someone in a passing car shot me in the head. I heard a deafening bang and the next second I was laying on the ground on my back looking up towards the sky while everything was fading to white. I was holding a faint conversation with my dad and when my vision faded completely white i woke up in bed, quite startled.
  16. Dreams can be so realistic that they scare you. Potential bad situations you can speculate about without feeling anxious/nervous can really get to you when you truly believe they are really happening.
  17. man i fucking had a disgusting dream about 2 nights back.

    i was watching a documentary.called soul travellers its like 5 hours long and about some creepy demonic stuff etc.

    anyway i fell asleep with this playing in the background and i believe this is what influenced my dream.

    its like i lucid dreamt because i woke up in my own room. but there was such an overwhelming negative feeling in my room and i ran down the staircase and the stair case didnt lead anywhere and the feeling was just getting worse and worse. i was so trapped and worried.

    i woke up with that soul travellers still playing and only about 20mins had passed but the dream felt hours long.

    no doubt i turned that shit off and put something alot more light hearted on. (big bang theory)

    I hope that feeling stays away

  18. I picture my memories from third person too :eek:

  19. Same here, so are my dreams.
  20. I've had a couple death dreams, the one I remember the most is really disturbing to me.

    For some reason I had my dad's revolver and I shot myself in the head...then it was black for a while and I actually thought I had died for a minute. I woke up and I was so happy to be alive...that was the most terrifying thing I think I've ever experienced

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