I Guess The Word '' Cracker'' Is A Insult ???

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. i just got out of jail doing my weekend stint,,,, and i was listening to the ''brothers'' talk, they were using the word ''cracker'',,,,,, as to insult people of white skin colour....

    it dont insult me,,, im a cracker,( if you want to call me that),,, and i find no insult at all in being called that,,,,,

    i actually found it kind of amusing,,, i even had a dialouge with them on the issue,,, why they can openly call me a cracker, but if i openly called them the n. word,,,, all hell would break loose,,,, but they openly call each other the n. word with no reprocussions,,,,

    we talked all night,,,, i guess they liked the cracker, you all know as ''chicken'' i even learned how to ''braid'' a rope as they called it,,,,

    it's a dreadlock but made thick,,,, to resemble a rope,,,,racial barriers are what you make of them,,,,, most people talk a lot of racial shit,,,,, but they aint rasist,,,, it's just ''slang''>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i guess im a cool cracker,,,,,because me and these young black dudes talked shit togheter all night long,,,,,the chicken gets along with everyone,,,,,, i dont see skin colour,,,,, i see ''PEOPLE''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< so yeah call me a cracker,,,,, and if ya want to offend me? call me something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: i didnt do the braid too good though,,,, fellah said that if id made it any tighter,, id have pulled his hair right out of his scalp......oh well,,, i made some more friends,,,,, and when i rolled up my bunk,,,,, they told me to be cool chicken,,, see ya friday,,,,,

    i thought that was cool,,,, i like seeing people get over thier '' stereotypes'' of other races.... we are people.... not colours....DIG /?:hello:
  2. :D I heard a lot of that... 2 white people in the jail called themselves that because they did something that made me want to fight... they kept saying "this c... with whoop your ass" and this and that... when that word never came out of my mouth. or anything racial, at that matter...
    i dont get it...
    but they were both wrong, and neither could whoop my ass :) thats all i cared about
  3. Yeah Cracker is just as amusing as Honkey to me. When I was incarcerated no whites called each other cracker or honkey, it was wood or peckerwood.
  4. i fuckin dig that man word
  5. me and my friends call eachother crackers, its just a funny word
  6. My favorite word is honkey, it's just so comical.
  7. this is my background lol
  8. LOL! thats hilarious hahaha
  9. Well like you said, cracker isnt offensive to you. Its not a word that was used for hundreds of years to slander and insult your people. You get "white privilege", let black people have the n.word.
  10. Think the blacks had it bad, ever consider the thousands of years the Jews were slaves? And they don't run around calling themselves sheeney do they? At least not to my knowledge they haven't.
  11. to me, race is like someone's shirt. i see it, but i don't give a shit what brand it is. it's the person's behavior that matters.

    edit: on the 'n' word... (prepare for a semi-long rant as it's one of the most annoying issues to me)

    The 'n' word is not but a motion of jaw, lips and tongue to produce a vibration which is then received through other people's eardrums and interpreted in their mind. This vibration isn't going to cause slavery to break out again. If anything, restriction of words, therefore stifling of free speech will. People have to get over themselves, no one gives a shit about your race except a small percentage of dumbasses, who don't matter anyway. I want to be able to say ****** (oh, star patrol, thanks for preventing lynching and murders of blacks by censoring that word). Is it because I'm racist? No, it's because of fundamental freedom. If a word offends you so bad, you are probably offended by a variety of other words and issues. Otherwise you aren't really offended.

    This reminds me of feminism (in nations where freedoms and rights are equal). You have to get over yourself. How come chinese people don't make a big fucking fuss over 'chink'? Were they not also enslaved, most notably for building a certain railroad? Was that word not used as a derogatory term at the time?

    As I've stated before - It's hypocritical of you to want to restrict the use of a word, when you want to legalize the use of a substance.
  12. chicken... you and i would get along great.

    your weekends lasted almost 4 yrs from me. i was and am a edit:(n/word w/an A) it was explained to me more than once and by ppl I didnt ask:)

    I had to leave the south because i didnt see color/religous differences when it was demanded by my own ppl. it made me bad in some way to my fellow kin that hate wasnt in me.

    i digress. learn dominos and i'll play ya on yahoo. keep your chin up too. all weekends will not be pleasent. bewary weekends after sentencings.
  13. Cracker is a fun word, I am not offended when someone calls me that, though no one really has. I will call my friends a cracker, or a honkey, or a cracker-assed honkey bitch, and they do the same to me. It is all in good fun, not offensive in the slightest, even if it is meant to be by the person saying it.

    When were the Jews slaves for thousands of years?

  14. :) I like you. That book sux imo.
  15. in most cases black people refer to cops, lawyer, DA's, states attourneys, judges etc. as crackers for the most part(at least to my black friends) theres a difference between a cracker and a white boy, if that makes any sense
  16. all the time. first the babylonians/persians, then the egyptians, then to the caliphate, then to whatever came after that, until just before the crusades.
  17. I take it no one knows where the term cracker came from... Cracker was the name given to white people by slaves because when there masters whipped them, there was a "crack" of the whip, hence the name, cracker.

    As far as using it goes, i don't feel that anyone should call anyone anything but there name, but if they want to continue to refer to white people as cracker then they should be called the n word. Just cause people used the n word then doesn't mean that it is ok for black people to insults whites now. Two wrongs don't make a right and people should learn that if they want racial tensions to end, we need to stop using racial slurs.

    Also, i'm tired of paying for mistakes that NONE of my ancestors made (I'm only the 3rd generation to live in america).Why do i continue to have to hear and suffer through this. I'm sorry it happened to your great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. But what does it have to do with me? Why does everyone reminisce on the past instead of looking to the future?
  18. I guess it only matters if you're a salty cracker.
  19. that list continues..jews have been persecuted by the Crusaders, and as the jewish nation spread, they were mistreated in Russia, massacered in Turkey, persecuted in America and England..

    they keep on getting stiffed
  20. Who cares. Us pigmentally challenged ( :D ) have always been on the top of the foodchain for some reason. Personally I blame it upon a fair amount of ingenuity coupled with ambition and aggression. Which is why european society flourished into what we today call western civilization, and in the process subjugating most all other people around the world.

    When on top, it's really hard to take offense. Pride and complacency in ones own position isn't disturbed by derogatory expressions from those we've through the ages have subjugated. The other way around though is highly offensive, and is why using the N word is considered rather bad sport. And those who use it, well, we got a word for those as well; white trash.

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