I guess I'm writing a book...and I need YOUR help!

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I've always been very creative but I suck at drawing/painting, I'm mediocre at beatmaking, and haven't played guitar or piano in years, all of which limits my creative potential...so, I'm writing an adaptable novel (AKA a book that is meant to be made into a movie)...and I want the city's help. Give me some ideas, suggestions, etc. I will tell you what the book is about eventually, but I haven't really figured it all out yet. I was thinking about a first person drama about a troubled childhood, but I'm not sure. Anyways, any input you guys give me would be awesome!
  2. Don't write a book to be made into a movie, it will hinder you're creativity because in the back of your mind you'll be thinking, "How could they make this happen". You can do so much more in a book than a movie and the best book based movies weren't writen with that intent. If you're going for a movie write a script, if you want to write a book do that and like producers worry about a script otherwise it probably wouldn't appeal to a publisher.

    What audience are you writing for and what kind of troubled child are you going for because oddly thats a popular genre.
  3. True, let me rephrase, I am writing a book that I want to be able to be made into a movie. I'm not writing a script, because it is much more likely that a publishiong company would publish my book than a movie company would buy my movie. I started last week with a love story gone awry but I don't like that genre. I feel like I can write any genre in any fashion (aside from nonfiction, for now, because that amount of research takes too much time), so I feel like writing what I know...teenagers...having recently been through high school and whatnot I felt like a book drawing from my expereiences would be interesting, but I really have a lot of holes and that's why I am asking for help, so to answer your question, I know it's a popular genre, which is why I might want to write in that area, because it is popular right now, and i feel like I can break a lot of cliches that the genre of "coming of age, troubled kid" books/movies can't get out of using.

    Anyways, so ya, Im writing it as a book, im not writing based on pheasability of making a movie of it, but at the same time, I am hoping it will be made into a movie one day, so I don't plan to make it boring.
  4. I also plan to incorporate some smoking into the book, btw...
  5. You need to do it how you want. Forget about genres, popularity and whats going on right now. You need to write what you like and give it all you because you want to, not because it's what other people want or like. Just sounds like your 'settling' for something when you don't have to. You say you want to break cliches but it's almost impossible to do something that popular and not have your own cliches. Now, if thats coincidental and this is what you want to go for then by all means, go for it. I mean I know nothing of what you have so try and sell me. Whats your characters looking like, whats the problem? I want to see where you're going with it.
  6. Ok, first off, I really appreciate the input from you guys so far, imma be updating this thread as I write over the next few months, and when it's finished I'll let whoever helped me read the first copies, second, to you, vicious, I think I confused myself and you, this is what I meant/mean:

    I DO want to do something that becomes popular but it is an afterthought, I'd much rather have a piece of work that resembles who I am as a writer and person

    I DO want to get published, which is why I may have to settle for a little more popular of a starting point as I have never written anything that has been published (other than student newspaper articles)

    But at the same time, I feel if I write MY STORY, the best, craziest thing I can write, it will sell itself to publishers and audiences.

    Anyways, so it starts with a a chracter narrating, telling us his life story. It goes for a while, it is sort of intriguing, sort of cheesy, but it hold your interest, then there's a HUGE twist, and the book is unfinished from there, but Im considering completely restarting. I plan to have the following elements in my book:
    I'm considering adding love lines, school adventures, and more...Im sorry I can't give much info on the book yet, because I haven't thought about it nearly enough...I have three chpaters of the book but like I said I don't like what I have...so I'm still in brainstorming stage. Ill try to think of a starting point I ca give you guys later today, but until then, just keep thinkin of ideas !
  7. i used to ask questions like this when i was younger and couldn't grasp the world enough to draw my own creativity from it, so i'd always ask "mom, what should i draw?" or "mom, what should i write about?" Eventually i just realized that the best way to creative is not to listen to other people for ideas but rather turn to them for inspiration. I'm certainly restricting my creative potential if I'm feeding off the ideas of others...but, if ideas they have inspire me whether it be politically, morally, physically (the physicality and mental state of the others in the world around me always give me ideas.) I make short films and write, you can draw information from whatever is sitting in front of you. Like, I didn't know if the key "alt" on the keyboard stood for alternate, but I made a short film about how it did. Basically a kid is in school, really bored, and types "I wish I was somewhere else right now." Then he hits the Alt key, a box pops up saying "type your alternate destination" so he types "the forest" and hits enter and is in the middle of the woods, still sitting at the same computer desk, the environment around him has just changed. then he goes through a series of alternate places and blah blah blah.

    Please, don't ask others to come up with ideas. Don't take this personally at all bro. Just saying, watch the news or just sit and watch people or look at the world around you with or without rose colored glasses and see how others react. Listen to a song, picture a story to it, or write a story that relates to some ancient mythology as applied to today or something.

    Sometimes my best ideas come from looking at the newspaper. I see various stories, whether odd or serious, and think of combining them and making them flow as a story.

    If you're story idea involves you wanting to break cliches, then do it. But if that's your goal you have to draw on a lot of aspects of humanity and society that do in fact break cliches. Like, to write a story that breaks the common grounds and cliches of large profit films is great, but it involves putting yourself in the position of others first to really get a storyline that breaks out of the mode IMO.

    Good luck bro. :hello:
  8. Haha, Im at work, bored, so Im gettin back at yall fast...thanks man...I dont take any input inspirational, destructive, or neutral, with haste. Anything that can improve me as a person, and especially as a writer, is greatly appreciated. So I do thank you. I am indeed asking for inspiration more than ideas themselves. I'm not asking my mom, otherwise I would be asking her, not posting this topic, because my mom could probably tell me what to write about but I want original ideas, and they do have to stem from me...so let me rephrase this, give me inspiration guys, help me along the way, tell me how to make things better when it gets to that point, but for now i need to think of some starting ground...if people want to throw ideas at me ill listen, in the meantime I have to think about this thing. But ya, Dynasty, I absolutely hear what you are saying, I used to say that too (Mom what should I draw), but I don't anymore, and I really do appreciate you posting that because it reminded me what the purpose of this thread was...and I communicated it poorly

  9. If you're going for being remembered you don't want to be jumping on the genre bandwagon. I can't stress enough you need to do you're own thing. Look how popular the Godfather is. Will Mario Puzo ever be remembered as a great author of his time? Homers remembered because not only did he write an epic but it's remembered historically with wars of the time and could be passed down in his way. 1984 doesn't even really follow a genre other than the idea of dystopia. We're in a different time, it was easy to be remembered then because of how the worlds changed, we look at those works not only for entertainment but also as an analysis of those times. Now there are many writers who try to put as many books out as quickly as possible. Originality is whats groundbreaking.
  10. You can find inspirtation everywhere. Or by being high, alot of ideas may come. What works for me is personal experiences, then you can try to blend it into your story. Btw are you going for a "Catcher in the Rye" kind of feel? Because it kind of sounds like it.
  11. Im not writing by genre, im writing and whatever it ends up as it ends up as, ill say that from the beginning...I was using genres to define where I was thinking of going with the book...
  12. No, I dont want it to be another cliched, bullshit teenage angst story but it might have touches of catcher
  13. I generally just start with an idea and let it morph itself. Like, I write dialogue before the storyline unfolds itself, sometimes the best way to create a good story is to just mentally create two different characters and get them talking to themselves, just general conversation, and from this interesting ideas always arise.

    weed helps this because there's always the potential that the schizophrenia in your mind will help better accomplish characters and a story line.
    also, war sells. you can get out of the cliche's and have a story tangled around war.
  14. Ok, so this is what I have so far:

    A group of buddies who just graduated from college deal with embracing adulthood while back home for a reunion of sorts. That's the basic premise, but certain characters will be more important, there will be deaths and many twists and turns...It will be a drama with a fair amount of comedy and philosophy heavily present.

    Does anyone have any connections to book agents or publishers? I will be searching in a couple months for both, and connections make everything so much easier, but if not I should be able to get a hold of some.
  15. Don't make pot a big focus of the book. Most publishers won't mind, but enough will, that if your serious about being published, you will want to avoid making it a major theme of the novel.

    Good luck, you're in for the long frustrating ride that is writing.
  16. Ya, it's not gonna be in there for the hell of it, but thank you, I can't wait for this thing to be done!
  17. Whats knocking your people off
  18. You mean how do i plan to kill them?
  19. Yeah I am pretty sure that's what Vicious means.
  20. Me and my compadre we're really high when we thought of an idea " a movie about a kid who comes home all baked like maybe (15-17) and everyone is gone and he finds a tab of acid and takes it, then it has a kick ass soundtrack and he goes around town (he lives in san fran) and meets crazy ass people and a bunch of shenanagins goes on... eh?

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