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I guess Im quitting

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LilToker90, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. So I'm quitting because I think my girl deserves a better guy, and I wanna be that guy. I need to change my life though, all my music, all my movies, half my shit reminds me of weed, any advice/tips?Sent from
  2. enlighten us, what about smoking weed makes you a bad guy?
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    Cool Story, thanks for sharing. I'm sure smoking weed has made you a shitty boyfriend. 
    That was sarcasm. If you want to stop smoking, stop smoking. But don't stop smoking for other people, because it won't work. 
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  4. I have not drank or gotten high in 219 days days and did it for me.
    Some bitch forces you then its not real.
    whats the story?
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    Yea did he quit taking a shower and brushing his teeth, quit his job, make the woman work and pay all the bills, never take out the trash, never do laundry, never wash dishes, lay around playing video games? basically be a fucking slob bum.
    I wonder how much of that hits home.
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    That's more him being a lazy fuck, than him smoking weed. If that is the case, and if he blames weed for making him like that...that's just using something to blame his laziness on. 
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    I can't stand when people who smoke weed blame it for all their problems. It's not hard to be productive, just don't smoke when you need to get shit done.
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  8. So what happened to the OP?
    His bitch girlfriend tell him to get off he web and kiss her ass?
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  9. hmm no answers... how surprising. dudes like this give us a bad name. 
  10. Lol at the whole threadSent from my iPad Air
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  11. I'm gonna get your girl really high off dabs and give her a cool pipe.
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  12. Not even gonna hit it.
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  13. You can be a better boyfriend by giving her a real orgasm next time.
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  14. Pile of shit dude. Ur just lazy as fuck and blaming it on the weed. Me and my peeps have been getting high everyday since we were 15, we're in our 30s now. We all have good jobs, we're all in committed relationships, we all shower everyday and brush our teeth... My point is, don't blame the weed for your ass being lazy. That's just a cop out.
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  15. oh okay. Thanks for letting us know?  :confused_2:
  16. She gave up drinking and partying and all that for me, I didn't ask her to, and she asked me to quit smoking so I figured if she can give all that up for me, the least I can do is quit smokingSent from
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    People use weed as their problem because that's the same reason the govt keeps it illegal when clearly it is the person not zee ganjaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. Lot of hostility going on in this thread, sup with that?
    Did she specifically ask you to do that? Why did she decide to quit doing those things? How much of your life/relationship is negatively effected by weed?
  19. Lol you just cant quit on us lol.
  20. Just do you homie. Keep the big picture in mind. A girl is more important than a plant... if she's the right one
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