I guess I smell...

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  1. ... cause the clerks at the Royal Farms coughed then said, "What are you about to go do now?" when I bought some Dutch Masters. I smoked in my car then 30 minutes later gave a friend a ride. The first thing he said, "This car smells like pot." Guess my shit was better than I thought...although I'm a rookie again after a few year break.
  2. cool story bro

    sorry couldn't resist, or think of anything better to post
  3. I would have told the clerk to mind his own fucking business. Thats happened to me buying papers, and I said just that.
  4. i thought u had BO
  5. yeah dude, its none of their business what you do with your rillo(s)
  6. A kid in class used to tell me I smelled.

    Actually he used the word 'Reek". of cannabis.

    Its true :D I did, I used to pet my babies and they got my fingers sticky and stanky
  7. Maybe he wanted to toke with you
  8. I thought you farted....
    Was gonna say...Look appaled. Get an offended look on your face while looking at the closest person to you... Then walk away mumbling How rude it was...

    Oh well...If you ever fart in public..... There's your OUT directions... :confused:

  9. Maybe its just light conversation, not a unfriendly interrogation.

    If a clerk makes some sly comment about getting high after you buy a cigar, just laugh a little, she/he isn't trying to get in your business. Just a little humor.
  10. I bought a glass vase that looked like a bong and when I went to the register the fine looking piece of ass that was working commented on how much it looked like a bong and I said "that's the plan " and she lauphed gave me her number... long story short we ended up getting baked and I fucked her. Moral of the story, always be nice to the hot checkout girl if she asks about weed.
  11. Yea some.people look at me like I'm holding a glass pipe smoking crack right in front.of them when I buy papers or something. I just laugh of how badly they probably fell for all that WEED = CRACK thing
  12. Is it illegal to reek of weed but not have anything on you?
  13. Na you can reek of it all you want, just have nothing on you and you're good
  14. what was his name?
  15. ohhhh
  16. "This car smells like pot" I lol'd dont ask why haha

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