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Discussion in 'General' started by toker2, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. HI again,

    Just to let ya'll know I guess I passed the urine test? They didnt say anything to me. Well, I have another dilema. I was taking a physical (for work) and the doctor took a blood sample. Does he have to tell me that its going to be used for a drug screen? He just said "were gonna take some blood". Will THC show up in a blood test if they ARENT looking for it? I think they are satisfied with the urine sample and looking at the blood for diseases. I know this is a pain in the a$$ but its bothering the hell out of me.

    Toker 2

  2. Do you remember what color the top of the tube was? (that blood went into) I used to draw blood, asa job, so i can give you an idea of what they are testing for...PLUS if it was a drug screen there has to be certain papers brought out to YOU....didnt they do that for the urine test? they shold have
    also, nothing shows up....unless they test SPECIFICALLY for somthing, you know?
  3. Thanks for replying so fast,

    It was a red top. And NO I didnt sign any paperwork with the exception of the urine test paperwork last friday. I hope this is enough info. and I hate to be anal about this, but I really would like this job.

    Thanks Again,
    Toker 2
  4. HMMM i dont know man :confused:.....red tops are used for drug levels, usually theraputic ones (theraputic by Dr standards anyway ;) ) There is a "chain of comand" that has to happen with drug testing, and if a lot of paperwork WASNT filled out, chances are your safe..... maybe it was to test for somthing else...is the job in health care at all?
    You should get some stuff like Quick Caps if you have a drug test.... i also keep marijuana tests at home....TEST YOUR OWN PEE!! thats what im talking about ! :cool: LOL
  5. Gemini420,

    He didnt say anything about filling out more paperwork, man now you got me nervouse. :( The top was the color of a pencil eraser. And I think it had stuff in the bottom of the tube that looked a little like vasaline in the tube I'm pretty sure it did. It was the same company that did my urine test, but different nurse and location. I have my paperwork from the urine test, and I didnt fill anything else out. I guess I would have to fill out a second form for a blood test to test for THC. Thanks Toker 2
  6. Toker, man i think your fine.....im not gonna get all edumactated on ya ;) but that stuff on the bottom of the tube actually seperates the serum from the cells (like you REALLY care lol ) but anway...for any kinds of drugs USUALLY they use tubes with NOTHING in it that could possibly alter results
    so you should be cool man, good luck!! :D
  7. Thanks again. I appreciate it.

    Toker 2

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