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Discussion in 'General' started by the.tokrrr, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. T.V reviewers (film reviewers) smoke weed because you notice more shit wrong with tv shows / movies when your high, you know? you can pick out all the things wrong with it.:smoking:
  2. probably not, they have too much to loose if they got caught, that'd be a sick ass job and they don't want to lose it. i think that really only people at places like Walmart and Subway smoke because they don't have much to lose if they get caught.
  3. That's definitely not true. People with real jobs smoke all the time. They just are much more private about it because it's way more taboo the higher you go up the foodchain.
  4. why would they smoke weed and be in a different state than their viewers? Unless you're just watching stoner shows.
  5. Um......Seth MacFarlane admitted to smoking weed during family guy, he stopped now though, apparantly cuz the last time he got high he thought he had to keep his arms moving above his head or they'd fall off. Wonder what he was smoking..:smoking:

    idk, it was posted on GC a while ago.

    I do know what you mean by being able to pick out everything wrong w/ shows when high. lol, I do it all the time I'm like oh wtf that isn't right......
  6. People in all walks of life smoke weed.
  7. what if they were sober and just didn't like some aspects of the show? what if the show in question just sucked? haha
  8. the entire entertainment industry has tried pot. id say a majority still do.

    it helps with alot of mundane repetitious work in entertainment...look at cartoon network after 11 at night...all stoner shows...stoner created, stoner made, stoner actors...and look at G4...once again, majority stoner shows, all those people smoke and play video games all day, they smoke and program all day, it helps so much

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