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  1. my friend just got this vid burned on DVD from this other kid, its soo ill . full quality 2 hour hydro/soil growing vid - building everything, cloning, seperation, light cycles, ph, water, fertilzers, harvesting, c02, topping, bugs, drying... everything is perfect

    even if you dont need it its prettydope to watch this guy who has his shit on LOCK in some grow bunker in BC. He wears a sunhat and sunglasses and paints his face green and pops in and out of ak47 plants like some telatubys. You can download it on bit torrent or limewire its something like 650mb.

    I compressed the last chapter from the vid:


    check it out
  2. good lookin
  3. thats stealing
  4. nice video, ive watched it a couple times now. Though it seems like he uses a different room for his actual grows, and just designated that area to build one for the movie. That's alright though, still very educational on how to set up a hydroponic system and hook up lights and all that.

    I guess it's legal too, since it's just an anonymous "home exhibition" and the disclaimer discourages reenactment. Also notice how he always says "This is how I do _____" instead of "how YOU can do _____"
  5. hehe looks pretty informative. Looks like a nice vid man. Good find
  6. good vid i downloaded it :D makes hydroponics look dead easy instead of complicated :D
  7. Yea I downloaded it from morpheus....badass video. Very interesting
  8. use bittorrent to download its the fatest way to get movies and it doesnt contain alotta viruses or spyware unlike morheous limewire and othe p2p clients also a good client to use is utorrent jus google it up
  9. Awesome.....i have High Times "ready - set - GROW!" DVD, although it was very helpful...i still think there are a hell of alot more things i needa learn to grow a bad ass crop.... so i'm downloading it on limewire now :D :D

  10. You know...they stream that video for free on pot-tv.net ...All you need is RealPlayer
  11. Anyone have a direct link to the entire vid file so i can download?
  12. yeah that's a great video... I always get worried when someone does a service like that to help people that they are going to get caught... it would just really bother me if that guy got caught. and that was on the back of my mind the whole video... I mean he said where he lives and there might be some hint he unknowingly gave that could... I dunno maybe I should just chill the fuck out because the video is 2 years old... great video btw.
  13. Me and 3 friends recently watched this video and thought it looked so easy we went ahead and spent 280$ on a hydroponic site getting all the supplies. We have already constructed the two rooms they are 4x5ft for veg and 5ftx5ft for flower. i went to my local hardware store and bought 3 x 4ft shoplights putting a cool bulb and a wide spectrum bulb in each. We ordered a 10pack of apolo 11 from dr chronic and they should be here in another week. We still havn't ordered our 400 watt hps light with 430watt bulb yet but we will as soon as everyone gets paid.The only things left we need to get are 2 tables to rest the 2ftx4ft trays on and 2 more timers and 1 more pump we also might need some more tubing. We ordered sensi nutrients part a for veg and will be purchasing part b when needed. We cant really afford co2 as of right now because we might be needing to buy a blower and dehumidifer and carbon filter so we will just stick with spraying the plants with carbonated water. If someone wants some pics ill be glad to post em just say so.
  14. thx for the vid man
  15. yeah, this video is pretty helpful.

    my question is:
    in the vegetative room, he keeps the 2 mother plants there. do they just reach a certain point and stop growing, or what? because i'm about to start a set up like that, and i should probably work out all the kinks before i start.
  16. No there is no point where it stops growing unless your a very poor cutting taker.

    For instance you dont take off an entire branch to get one clone, you take cuttings in such a way that there can always be new growth from where you took the cutting (namely leave one area where there is a still a fanleaf on that stem).

    so in effect when your taking cuttings your actually just pruning the tree constantly and there will always be new growth coming forth.
  17. looked like something out of delta force or something the way he was popping in and out of those plants haha

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